Cardano founder to stop discussing XRP citing ‘vicious’ community attacks

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has declared that he will no longer speak on Ripple and its native token XRP, citing vicious attacks from the community. 

According to Hoskinson, the attacks have emerged from his stand on the ongoing Ripple and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) case, where he has been accused of colluding with the regulator, he said during a webcast on December 16.

In this line, Hoskinson has earlier stated that sources close to the matter had informed him that the case would be concluded on December 15. However, the timeline was not attained, with Hoskinson noting that he was again subjected to attacks by the XRP community, accusing him of being a liar. 

Hoskinson, who also serves as the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), noted that the attacks were unwarranted and he was on the side of Ripple.

He stated that over the years, engaging with the XRP community has become challenging, hence the decision to stop talking about the project in general. 

“I was accused of lying, and I was accused of yet again creating a flood and trolling. I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community, I think my statements have been historically very measured and supportive,”

He added:

“So, moving forward, I’m not going to answer any questions at all about XRP in any circumstances. I’m not going to mention the project; I’m not going to talk at all about anything going on after there is a resolution of the XRP case. I’m not even going to discuss that if asked in the future; I’m just going to simply say no comment.”

Hoskinson on Ripple support

Hoskinson stated that he has been supportive of Ripple’s initiative to popularize the cryptocurrency sector and he was tired of being on the receiving end whenever he comments on XRP. 

At the same time, Hoskinson pointed out that the conspiracy theories tied to his involvement in the case are ‘senseless,’ noting it was time for his engagement on XRP to end. 

It is worth mentioning that the XRP community has constantly attacked Hoskison after noting the SEC case was ongoing due to a lack of clear regulations in the crypto sector while maintaining that the token is not a security. 

As reported by Finbold back in October, Hoskinson expressed his frustration with the constant attacks that emanated from his comment noting that Ethereum “may have gotten a pass because, as some believe, some commissioners have been somehow swept up in a large wave of corruption.”

In the meantime, both XRP and SEC have made final submissions as legal experts continue predicting the possible outcome from the case. 

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