Introducing GEMS: The Cardano NFT Collection That Generates Passive ADA Rewards

GEMS is an NFT collection built on the Cardano blockchain that yields ADA rewards as a revenue share from various sources such as a Minting engine, Marketplace, DEX, Wallet, Royalties, AR platform, and Launchpad. By holding a GEM, users can earn passive ADA rewards from transactions on all the applications built in the community.

GEMS: The New NFT Collection Built on Cardano Blockchain that Yields ADA Rewards

A new NFT collection called GEMS has been launched on Cardano blockchain. This innovative collection is designed to provide passive ADA rewards to the holders through a revenue-sharing model from multiple sources, including Minting engine, Marketplace, Launching platform, DEX, Royalties, Wallet, AR platform, and more.

With GEMS, owning an NFT means being in the center of the action and enjoying the benefits of every application built within the Cardano community. Whether it’s getting a share of the revenue generated by the biggest NFT marketplace, participating in the DEX, minting new NFTs, or accessing a launchpad platform for exciting new projects, GEMS holders will be rewarded with a percentage of the revenue generated from all these sources.

GEMS has already built and launched a Minting engine, which is up and running on the platform. This engine allows users to easily mint new NFTs and join the GEMS collection.

“We’re excited to launch GEMS, which we believe is going to revolutionize the NFT space on Cardano,” said a spokesperson for the GEMS team. “Our revenue-sharing model is unique, and we’re thrilled to offer our community members a passive income stream just for holding GEMS in their wallets.”

In addition to the Minting engine, GEMS has plans to launch a marketplace, DEX, wallet, AR platform, and launchpad in the near future. All of these applications will be integrated with GEMS, meaning that every time a GEM is used or transacted, the holder will receive a percentage of the revenue generated.

GEMS is now live and available for minting on Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting new NFT collection on Cardano and start earning passive ADA rewards today!

Contact: GEMS Team Website: Twitter: @realadayield

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