Cardano Launches First Mainnet-Compatible Hydra Node

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Alex Dovbnya

Cardano, a prominent blockchain platform, marks a critical milestone in its scalability journey with the launch of the first mainnet-compatible Hydra node

Cardano, the popular blockchain platform, has hit a significant milestone in its development with the launch of the first mainnet-compatible Hydra node, according to an announcement by developer Sebastian Nagel. 

In a series of tweets, Nagel revealed that the Hydra node version 0.10.0 has been released following successful demonstrations of Hydra heads on the Cardano mainnet in recent review sessions.

This development marks a significant step forward in Cardano’s journey to boost its scalability and adaptability.

Hydra, as defined by Cardano’s parent company Input Output, is a family of layer 2 protocols designed to enhance the scalability of the Cardano blockchain. The protocols aim to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions, thus making the blockchain more adaptable for various use cases.

Earlier this month, the first Hydra head was successfully initiated on the mainnet, signifying the protocol’s readiness for real-world application.

The 0.10.0 version of the hydra-node includes numerous technical changes and improvements that were deemed necessary before a Hydra head could be used with real-world transactions on the mainnet.

In addition to mainnet compatibility, the developers also updated the API to accommodate a first round of user requests.

Nagel also noted that while work has already begun on the items queued for the next version, 0.11.0, the team is always open to feedback from users about new ideas or features that should be prioritized. 

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