A New Milestone for Coinstore.com on Cardano Chain, Nikel Token | by Coinstore.com | Dec, 2022

A new project is afoot! We are pleased to announce that Coinstore.com will soon be launching Nikel Technology, a high-potential project based on the Cardano chain. 🎆🎆

This will be Coinstore.com’s first project based on the Cardano chain, a new milestone on the way forward for our growing platform. In the future, Coinstore.com envisions a continuing effort to prudently select, expertly review, and warmly engage more projects on the Cardano chain, strengthening this ever-expanding collaboration.

Nikel Technology is a community-driven company that connects the nickel industry to the world via the Cardano blockchain. It aims to build a global partnership community and to create opportunities for individuals who anticipate nickel as a market-growth commodity. With its native token NIKL, Nikel Technology makes its mission to collectively support and partner with up-and-coming nickel-based technologies through decentralized communities.

Are you excited yet? You better be.

Just last week, we received a lot of buzz about Nikel, NIKL, and new energy from both the Nikel and Coinstore.com communities and social media, especially after Coinstore.com posted a trading contest for Nikel Technology’s native token, NIKL. This undoubtedly boosted our confidence in cooperating with Nikel Technology.

Coinstore.com is considering longer-term cooperation in the future. Already, we are planning to include Nikel Technology in our future Coinstore.com World Tour exhibitions, location is to be confirmed. But more importantly, after getting in touch with the Nikel Technology team, Coinstore.com has decided to offer an additional pre-sale campaign on top of its regular package.

So, let’s once again celebrate Nikel Technology’s onboarding at Coinstore.com! This is truly an incredible milestone for both companies. We wish the best in this collaboration and we hope that everyone pledges their support. Let’s reach the top together!

Purchase Nikel tokens at a discounted price

① Trading Competition from 20th Dec 2022 to 27th Dec 2022 (12:00 midnight):

Details: The top 30 traders will share a pool of 3000 USDT-worth of Coinstore Futures Credit

② Deposit Competition from 20th Dec 2022 to 27th Dec 2022 (12:00 midnight):

Details: The top 30 accounts with the highest deposit will share a pool of 3000 USDT-worth of Coinstore Futures Credit

③ Community AMA on CS Live — Win Nikel airdrops when you watch CS Live

Stay Tuned to know more 😃

For more Nikel Technology information, check out:

👉Website: https://www.nikeltech.com/

👉Telegram: https://t.me/nikeltech

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As a leading global provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of the crypto economy, Coinstore.com aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.

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