Supports Cardano’s Decentralization Through Community Stake Pools

SHERIDAN, Wyo.–()–By way of contributing to the Cardano ecosystem, has announced it is offering STAKING with the ticker ANIM.

This single-stake pool operator uses the decentralized nature of Cardano’s blockchain technology to foster the production, monetization, and acquisition of artwork around the world.

Since Cardano is the top proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform in terms of stakes value, it is also the first-of-its-kind network developed through evidence-based methods and founded on peer-reviewed research.

Staking pools are ways for stakeholders to earn passive income by reducing the hassle of technical implementation and maintenance.

Single pools also provide better interests and fewer fees, compared to the multipool owners.

According to Cardano, stake pools are “responsible for processing transactions that will be placed in the ledger, as well as producing new blocks.”

As Cardano is expected to increase the implementation of smart contracts, the price of ADA, Cardano’s native currency, is also expected to soar. It is very common for long-term ADA holders to stake their coins to some pool, so they can reap rewards.

This is a consistent way to earn a stable passive income making it one of the main reasons so many prefer staking over mining.

Stake pools have the power to validate new blocks and collect fees for their work. A percentage of the ADAs they earn is then given to stake pool members.

Staking Cardano can generate significant annual yields, the amount varying depending on the crypto exchange and lockup period.

“A more decentralized network is a stronger network, and Cardano is recognized as the top decentralized platform, which is why I wish to contribute to Cardano’s decentralization, performance and security,” notes’s CEO Milan Reichbach. “Beyond that, there’s also a communal aspect to this pool. It acts as a place to share knowledge, information, statistics, as well as report issues, and gives me an opportunity to support Cardano’s tooling and open source ecosystem.”

Further the decentralization of Cardano by delegating your ADA to the ANIM pool today!

To learn more about artist marketplace and stake your ADA, visit

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