Cardano’s Technical Discussions Should Be Kept Off Social Media, Says Hoskinson

Cardano’s recent testnet issue was causing chaos on social media. In reaction to a remark made by dcSpark co-founder Sebastien Guillemot, the developer of ADA asserts that the project’s community does not adhere to a “hush-hush” ethos.

Even implying that there may be such network issues can set off “a multi-day panic,” according to Guillemot, who cited the current testnet controversy in his opinion. Adam Dean, a developer, tweeted last week that a recently found fault had “catastrophically damaged” ADA. On social media, this sparked an argument.

Cardano’s testnet bug has been resolved

Although it appears that the problem has been rectified, Guillemot feels that the community ought to be able to openly criticize the program, using the Ethereum community as an example.

According to Hoskinson, the community is actively participating in conversations on Github and Discord. The creator of Cardano thinks that technical conversations should not be done on Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram since they would “damage the process” in that way.

Hoskinson maintains that “high-quality channels” are necessary despite the fact that Guillemot says he strongly disagrees with his position on the matter. According to Hoskinson, “Social media is mob rule and doesn’t welcome truth, depth, or empathy.”

In other news, Based on its energy usage, Cardano may be more energy-efficient than Paypal, YouTube, and Netflix, claims Cardano daily, a Twitter account dedicated to the ADA community.

Given its estimated annual usage of 0.0027 TWh or 2.7 GWh, a tweet thread points out that Cardano is also less energy-intensive than gold mining or Bitcoin proof of work (PoW).

ADA runs on 3,198 pools, according to information from the ADA Explorer, which results in an estimated annual use of 3.103 GWh, or 0.0031 TWh. However, the expected annual consumption of Bitcoin is listed as 214,944 GWh or 214.944 TWh. Cardano is thus 69,270 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

In a recent Forbes interview, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson extolled the benefits of ADA’s sustainability, claiming that the proof-of-stake cryptocurrency was substantially more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

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