First Blockchain-Supported Clothing Line Goes Live On Cardano: Details

Origin Thread, a fashion brand operating in India and London, has rolled out a unique set of blockchain and NFT-backed dresses for sale. Origin Thread leverages the Cardano blockchain to make this possible. The limited shirts can be purchased using ADA via the NFT-Maker payment gateway.

Cardano’s First Blockchain-Backed Clothing

Earlier today, the new fashion brand, Origin Thread announced the launch of its first Cardano blockchain and NFT-supported clothing for sale. This innovation aims to connect customers with how clothes are made. 

“Cardano’s first blockchain-backed clothing. Scan the NFC tag on your shirt and view a video of its creation and fully transparent, on-chain sourcing information. The future of clothing is on sale now,” the Twitter update read.

To this end, the fashion brand designed and put out for sale 60 organic cotton dresses (BAGRU/SHIRT) for first the ORIGINS token holders and the public. These dresses were all hand printed in Bagru, India while they were cut and sewn in London, England.

Interestingly, all of the 60 BAGRU SHIRTS are accompanied by an NFT and unique IDs. This helps to prove the authenticity and scarcity of each piece of the shirt. 

According to Origin Thread, the NFT is accessed by scanning the combined QR code and NFC tag identifier attached to the shirts. More so, it is said that these accompanying non-fungible tokens include video of the shirt’s making and other sourcing information. 

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Origin Thread Shirts Purchase

To note, out of the 60 shirts, 36 pieces have been made available for ORIGINS token holders to purchase since July 15. Whereas the public sale of the remaining shirts began on July 18. 

Furthermore, the shirts are priced at $200 each and payment can be made in ADA via the NFT-Maker payment gateway. Origin Thread has detailed the process of buying on its website, noting that delivery will be in the last week of August with no extra fees attached.

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