New Bipartisan Crypto Bill Tags Cardano And Solana As Not Fully Decentralized

Cardano and Solana are classified as commodities in the new bipartisan crypto law, stating that they are not entirely decentralized. It is the most significant crypto law ever proposed in the United States.

Cardano is now classed as a commodity, like with Solana and other coins. Cardano is more decentralized than Ethereum, according to the Twitter account ADA whale, which responded to the news. He also questioned the individual who would file the disclosures with the SEC.

The whale’s mocking response illustrates the new bill’s incapacity to properly examine different coins, implying that the bill could be a nuisance for Cardano and Solana developers and community members. On the other side, Senators Cynthia Lummis and Kirsten Gillibrand have introduced a bipartisan crypto bill.

The new crypto bill will include many significant frameworks

According to the measure, many coins will be regulated as commodities by the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, transactions under $200 are tax-free.

There will be more clarification on the taxation of mining and staking income as well. Self-custody wallets are protected under the new bill, which fixes the crypto broker law.

The measure also includes regulations for dealing with the stablecoin problem. Stablecoins should be fully backed, according to the new bill. This is crucial because, with the demise of UST and the terra ecosystem, trust in stablecoins appears to have waned.

The measure also addresses consumer protection and establishes a strong regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchanges. While DeFi and NFT restrictions are not mentioned in the law, they may be addressed at a later time. If the measure passes, it has the potential to propel the digital asset sector ahead in the United States.

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