5 Most Impactful Recent Developments In The Cardano Ecosystem

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5 Most Impactful Recent Developments In The Cardano Ecosystem.

🌷The blooming #Cardano #DApp ecosystem continues to grow. Let’s have a look at yet another recap of #BuildinOnCardano and review what’s happened in #Cardano ecosystem over the last 10 days.


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) May 12, 2022

The Cardano ecosystem has proven its mettle as a resilient network. Every other day, there’s something new or an upgrade happening on the network or within the ecosystem as it continues to expand.

Here’s a recap of a few of the most important recent happenings in the Cardano ecosystem:

The Cardashift Launchpad Went Live

The Cardashift launchpad has gone live on the Cardano network. The launchpad is mainly focused on funding and accelerating the growth of social and environmental-focused startups.

GERO ETH to Cardano Converter Went Live

The GERO Wallet has announced the ETH to Cardano converter release that will enable users to a converter to and from either token within the wallet. GERO is mainly focused on supporting DeFi advancements and securing funds within the DeFi environment.

Handle Partnered With Cardano Mixer

Cardano Mixer runs the CardMix, a protocol that promotes transaction privacy on the Cardano network. The partnership will bring this functionality to the Handle Standard.

Cardahub Has Partnered With HOSKY

Cardahub, the NFT platform using smart contracts, and HOSKY, a meme coin hosted on the Cardano ecosystem, have forged a strategic partnership. The partnership will enable users to list or buy NFTs on the Cardahub NFT Marketplace using the HOSKY Token.

COTI Has Released ADA Play Plugins For Popular Web Portals

The COTI Network has developed and released an ADA Play plugin for WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and other popular web systems. The plugin will enable merchants to receive payments in ADA.

ErgoDEX Went Live On Cardano Testnet

ErgoDEX is the first ever eUTxO cross-chain DEX on Cardano. It went into test mode on May 6. Early users will receive rewards as part of the initial campaign.

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