Cardano Breaks $200M TVL as BTC Preps for $100K Surge

  • Bitcoin may hit $100k sooner than expected.
  • Cardano breaks $200 million TVL.
  • Bitcoin remains to be the favorite crypto around the world.

Despite the market crash the world is currently experiencing, the crypto market continues to stand strong. In fact, many analysts believe that the king of crypto assets, Bitcoin, is set to explode anytime soon. Crypto enthusiast and analyst Lark Davis is very bullish that Bitcoin with the crypto market will surge anytime soon.

I am SO bullish on #bitcoin and the entire #crypto space.

β€” Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) March 17, 2022

Furthermore, the analyst also forecasted that Bitcoin will reach the skyrocketing price of $100K anytime this year. Indeed, this tweet drives the Bitcoin Twitter community crazy that it gathered different opinions across the Twitter space.

Meanwhile, the CEO | Partner @MoonrockCapital Simon Dedic believes that Bitcoin will break $50K before April, which is just a few days away from now.

$BTC will break $50k before April.

β€” Simon Dedic (@scoinaldo) March 16, 2022

On the other hand, as Bitcoin takes the spotlight of the crypto market, Cardano is making noise that can be heard all over the ecosystem. In detail, the staking value of Cardano officially surpasses the $200M mark. According to various media sources, as of March 16, the total value locked of Cardano hits $207.67 million.

The famous crypto analyst in Twitter, Altcoin Daily, reacted to this in a tweet,

Cardano $ADA staking value surges past $200 million milestone πŸš€

β€” Altcoin Daily (@AltcoinDailyio) March 17, 2022

At the time of writing, the whole crypto market amounts to almost $1.9 trillion with a 24-hour growth rate of 2.8%. In addition, Bitcoin trades at a high price of $40K with a huge market cap of over $780 billion.

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