Investing In Crypto Without Buying Crypto

Investing In Crypto Without Buying Crypto

Investing is Crypto can be scary because it’s a volatile market. Cryptocurrency investing has been around as long as Wall Street has. But it is starting to gain traction. In 2021, you may have heard about at least one of these cryptos Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Altcoins like Litecoin and Doge. But this is just the currency part of Blockchain Technology.

This article is for those who are on the fence about taking a financial investment leap on Blockchain. I found that there are a group of people out there who have thought about investing, and plan on doing it but just haven’t gotten around to it. And it’s usually one of two reasons why.

  1. I cant afford it right now.” Bitcoin is over thousands of dollars. One Bitcoin is the price of a car.
    • It’s affordable and easily accessible now. Companies like Cashapp, and Paypal let you buy for as little as $1 from your phone. See “A Simple Way to Start” for a walk through
  2. I don’t trust it.” Blockchain Technology is just too new, I need to do more research before I take that leap. Bitcoin has gone from 19,000 to 3,000 in less than a day. So I get it.
    • You can now reduce some of the risk by investing through stocks and ETFs . 

Remember as we say throughout the site. “This is not financial advice.” The goal is to find ways to invest in a technology in the most affordable, less risky way possible. That growth can be as simple as gaining knowledge on the subject. As we continue on our financial freedom path, we grow our intellection propriety on blockchain technology…what we learn we share. We are playing our role in designing a manuscript for generational wealth within our communities. Find an ambassador and be an ambassador.

Using Wall Street to buy Crypto

Wall Street has been around since the 1700s. Below will be a list of stocks and ETFs found on most of the top brokerage platforms.  Some tickers can even be purchased with your IRAs if you have ever rolled over your 401k.  These will be high level overviews of each, just to get you started on your research.

The images used below are screenshots from Yahoo Finance. You can download the app and search each ticker to get the latest info. Everything listed in the photos are as of 2.18.2021

Breakdown of Ticker Images Below

ETFs (Lowest Risks)

Buying an ETF is basically investing into multiple companies through one stock. The risk is less because if one company dips and has a bad day or month, then the others can maintain the price until it bounces back. Or until it is removed by the Hedge Fund who owns the ETF. They will select and maintain which companies to invest in, reducing the research needed with keeping up with the most profitable stocks.

The ETF images will have a list of the top company’s that are owned in that ETF’s portfolio. These are managed portfolio’s mainly consisting of global equities focusing on blockchain technology.







Individual Stocks (Higher Risks)

These are individual companies that offer ownership to retail investors (us). There isn’t a collective of companies within these tickers below to save you from the dips. If this company has a bad day, then you can either buy the dip or hold.

Note to Self: Remember you don’t lose money, until you sell in the red. If you see red in your totals, remember that’s just paper money losses. If it’s a long-term investment, allow it time to bounce back.

BTBT – Founded 2015 (China) Operates as an online finance marketplace lending company.

CAN – Founded 2013 (China) Using the AI chip as its base, Canaan has established an intellectual value chain.

EBON – Founded 2010 (China) Engages in the research and development of ASIC chip technology used in blockchain applications.

MARA – Founded 2010 (NV, USA) Digital asset technology company, which mines cryptocurrencies, with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets.

SOS – Founded 2001 (china) Focuses on the research and development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

RIOT – Founded 2000 (CO, USA) Engages in the provision of investment services to the blockchain ecosystem as well as manufacturing in-vitro substances.

High Risk Trust Stocks

These stocks required a “profile update” changing risk tolerance to Aggressive, in order to buy. Most of these companies mine directly into the top cryptocurrencies. So because Cryptocurrency is volatile, they want to ensure your comfortable with taking the risk of investing. With greater rewards, comes greater risks.

Grayscale (GBTC & ETHE) This company has trusts in the top two cryptos. These stocks move according to the movement of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We have an objective to learn how to be invested in every area possible regarding blockchain technology. We invest in the knowledge of how the technology works, and how it can be used to benefit the collective in the future. Investing financially, from companies who offer services like overstock and Paypal to companies who have coders who generate crypto through mining.  

There are more companies than what is listed here. Do your research, because there can and will be better tickers out there. Keep researching and sharing. If you know of other companies, share in the comments. And anyone going to the comments looking for additional companies. Do Your Research. No one on this site gives Financial Advice, it’s a place to share what we learn.

Note to Self: Only invest what your willing to lose. Nothing in this game is 100% solid. To be safe, invest like you’re buying a lotto ticket. That gem applies to any company you plan to invest in.

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