Grise Metamoonverse Announces its NFT Marketplace on Cardano

Chicago, IL, 25 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, 2022 will be the year of DAOs, tokenized auctions and Metaverse. It’s safe to say that our alter-ego needs a place to reside, and the best suited place can be none other than the Metaverse. Billions are being poured into redefining the next virtual life experience. Even the social media giant, Facebook, has bet its name on the Metaverse, rebranding itself as ‘Meta’. 

Bitcoin was hailed as the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now being touted as the digital answer to collectibles.

Grise Metamoonverse is a project situating its metaverse across the Moon itself. If earth has become a boring place for you, remember that you now have multiple options. Grise Metamoonverse is one of them. Grise believes that our beloved Earth is depleting its resources and there is an urgent need to shift towards bodies situated outside space. Thus, the project inherited the idea of building up a metaverse and dividing the acreage of the Moon into 10,000 equal pieces.

The developers at Grise are raising a moon army, a supportive community based out of the moon, where each one of them will be given access to the moon land by GRISE NFTs. There are different mechanisms in place that outlay the rules around this moonmetaverse. Detailed plans can be discreetly gained at request to the team. 

The complete Grise Metamoonverse contains different sections dedicated to providing consistent services for the smooth functioning of the metaverse. With a lot planned for the Moonverse, the feature is yet to release across the NFT Launch scheduled for the 26th of December. 

Grise Metamoonverse also features NFT marketplace, NFT Collection, and an AI platform that unlocks countless opportunities for the moon army to function and operate around the metaverse with different capabilities. Grise Metamoonverse is not just about owning an NFT, but it is something more like an ecosystem which gives its community a place to reside and perform their crypto transactions in one platform without the need to lurk around different platforms, which are sometimes risky. 

Their NFT collection features Head NFTs, which are to be settled and developed into intelligent entities. Users can also own Trippy Owl NFTs and Moonland NFTs for the metaverse.

A very well defined section of the metaverse with an excellent plan was achieved over a very short span. The journey towards the moon land looks smooth and promising, the developers at Grise are determined that the community would not face any turbulence while changing base from earth to moon. A recent example of the team achieving roadmap milestones can be taken by the recent accomplishments itself. Grise was very successful in staking pools for BSC Contract and Launch. It made a particular difference by introducing its AI platform for the stakers. 

One of the most promising updates for Grise for this year has been its launch across the Cardano platform within this month. This clearly explains how the platform believes in becoming part of the mainstream digital market shortly. Grise will surely pull off victorious with this NFT launch across Cardano.

While improving its digital development as a strong NFT project, Grise Moon Metaverse is putting forth its Dashboard to improve its users’ gaming experience. There is surely a lot that will follow the project shortly, including the game concept development and its explanation. Recently, Grise Moon Metaverse announced its partnership with The Collective, showing the aim of consistent and exponential growth in the digital market. 

About the Company

Grise MetaMoonverse is an NFT-based metaverse introducing users to a renewed digital gaming experience across a completely different platform, the Moon. The project believes in building a community that would understand the concept of living and thriving together.

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Grise Metamoonverse

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