Cardano, Atai’s tale against fanatics and violence

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As part of the education on legality meetings organized by the Cardano institute, yesterday we talked about Afghanistan and education with Walimohammad Atai, a young 25-year-old refugee from Afghanistan. Present some classes of the institute who were able to listen to the extraordinary story of Atai, known for having refused to become a martyr of religious fanaticism. Title of the meeting and of the same book presented by the young man: “I refused heaven so as not to kill”. Atai told the stories of terrorism, fanaticism and hope that have marked his life, starting with the images of a child in the Taliban training camp, a place where children are manipulated to become human bombs. Memories that then came to the exciting words of his journey towards life made by remaining for hours attached to the bottom of a truck. Once in Italy, Atai has finally realized the dream of studying, helping refugees to integrate into Italian society and making known the troubled history of their country. “Education is a more powerful weapon than a rifle – he wanted to emphasize to the boys present – because it makes men free and not manipulated by any kind of power”. Inevitable, yesterday addressed to the contrast of violence against women, also a reference to the condition of women in Afghanistan. The news that has come since the Taliban returned to power testify to unfortunately predictable situations and beyond imagination. We are talking about girls given up as brides, killings, the stop to most of the activities for women and an apocalyptic economic crisis. –

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