Seed Round Ends in Just 8 Hours for Cardano Escrow Protocol – ADEED

ADEED is a new project that has gained a lot of good feedback from the recent pitch deck that the company has presented to several venture capitalists, investors, and incubators. The company had recently announced the opening of its seed round, which entails 1,500,000 ADE (3% of Total Supply). The seed round had successfully closed in just eight hours by Emirate, Saudi, and Chinese investors.

Over the last year, Dubai and Saudi Arabia have been subtly getting more involved with blockchain projects. Dubai hosted the ‘Crypto Expo Dubai 2021’ last October, an indicator of local investors’ expansion into crypto projects.

A Cardano Based Escrow

ADEED is a new escrow protocol that acts as a third party between buyer and seller, preventing both parties from engaging in fraud. The protocol will “hold” the payment amount initiated between a buyer and a seller through a smart contract and only be released when the contract conditions have been met.

About ADEED Features

ADEED will utilize the power of the Cardano blockchain to deliver a protocol that will contain many features that will transform the B2B, B2C, and C2C markets into a more practical, efficient, and safer environment.


  • Fast transaction processing using the Cardano blockchain means less time to wait for completing a trade between a buyer and a seller.
  • Global outreach means it will become accessible to everyone and everywhere.
  • Decentralized means transactions are transparent and trustless.
  • Secured protocol will guarantee the prevention of fraud and is insured.
  • Fully Automated without the need for human intervention.

Seed Round subscribed over 300%

ADEED has been a well-received project, with many venture capitalists and incubators already signing interest in the project’s private round. The private round is expected to secure a total of $1.6 million, well enough to propel the project’s development.

The introduction of blockchain technology to regular financial services has been exponentially growing, and ADEED will be the perfect protocol for incorporating blockchain into the financial escrow sector, bringing the power and security of blockchain to the fingertips of regular buyers and sellers.

Find out more about ADEED by visiting the website.




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