Best Cardano Wallet – Top 8 Cardano (ADA) Wallets in 2021

So, today we are going to get you through all about the best Cardano Wallets of 2021. What wallet one can use to store his ADA cryptocurrency? The best options available are in markets in terms of speed, High UI and design and more importantly how much they are secure. We will also discuss the underlying features of all supported wallets so that you can easily make an opinion for yourself. Let’s get started.

The Famous ADA coin

The project of cardano was started back in 2015. The man behind this project was Charles Hoskinson who is also the co-founder of Ethereum network. The main aim of Cardano is to create block chains that are more powerful and effective then the older block chains like Ethereum. In short cardano can benefit you in making transactions cheaper and faster.

The founders of cardano think that cardano is the third generation Blockchain while Ethereum and bitcoin are the first and second. There is slight change in the meaning of terms although. Cardano is the Blockchain used to make transactions while ADA is the coin of this particular Blockchain. Just like Ethereum, cardano Blockchain also helps people to build smart contracts. The networks of cardano is decentralized. It means that the Blockchain is not regulated by a single authority. Instead of all the transaction and smart contracts are thoroughly verified by the community.

Best Cardano Wallets 2021

Below is the updated and complete list of Cardano wallets where you can easily store your Cardano (ADA) coins

1. Ledger Nano S (Recommended)

The Nano S device is one of the preferred crypto hardware wallets when it comes to security and efficiency. The device is considered a smooth connection between the Blockchain world and the user.

The wallet supports more than 1100 tokens and coins. The device skews no compromise on security. It stores all your private data in bits and pieces. The interface of the device is simple, elegant yet comprehensive. You can easily estimate your transaction fee live before making any real transaction.

Due to its remarkable security, the device is impossible to be attacked or hacked with viruses. It provides multi-asset support. The users can store more than one token or coin using the same wallet that you own.

The wallet provides you with OLED Display. This means you can double check every transaction that you make.

2. Trezor (Hardware Wallet)

Trezor one is one of the top hardware wallets that is widely used. The design of the wallet is sleek and comfortable to use. The wallets store almost all kinds of digital assets that are coming into the market.

You can store your cryptocurrencies offline. The security patches of the wallet are up to date. The wallets store your private keys and confidential data offline so that no one can access it through the web. Although it is a little costly than the Ledger devices, the features are worth to use.

The wallet is easy and quick to set up. Because of the connection through a USB cable, the device is not considered as portable as other hardware wallets.

In Trezor, you can easily exchange your assets through the built-in exchange without any middleman. Trezor is a little bit pricey. Investing in hardware wallets is a little bit pressured if you are on a budget. No doubt the team is offering a high level of security which is not cheap at all.

3. AdaLite Wallet

Previously known as CardanoLite, the AdaLite wallet web based light weight wallet. The wallet is secure and fast in making transactions. You can use Ada lite wallet to access you ADA coin in different ways. This wallet was created by keeping security as the main concern in mind. Other than that the wallet was meant to be user-friendly.

When you create a new wallet, a 12 word key phrase is given to you. If you lost your password, this 12 phase key can be used to access all your fund and recover your account. AdaLite is self-hosted wallet. It means that all your private keys remain in your possession.

Not even the website of wallets hold your data. Good news that hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor devices are compatible with this wallet.

4. Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi wallet is designed by Emurgo, one of the top organizations that was behind the project Cardano. The wallet was initially released back in 2018, a web based light wallet where you can easily store your cardano.

Yoroi wallet is available as in form of extension which you can get easily form chrome app store.  The downloading process is not so complicated and is very easy.

The chrome extension offers a very simple, secure and fast environment to its users to manage all your cardano holdings. The main point of making this wallet light is that users don’t have to download entire Blockchain on their computer.

Download the extension and you can make any transaction by sending and receiving cardano right away. But as the wallets is not so old in market, so there are possibilities of bugs and minor errors which any user can face.

5. Infinito Wallet

Infinito wallet is a free universal wallet that is available on both android and IOS platforms. The wallet is capable of storing all A list cryptocurrencies. Ranging from all ERC20 tokens, NEO NEP-5 tokens to BTC, ETH and last but not the lease ADA aka Cardano. The enterprise has been expanding the list based on the need of the market and per the ranking set by coinmarketcap.

Since the wallet is a mobile app, it provides a very sleet and smooth UI to its user. Infinito by proving mobile apps makes it easy to access your wallet anytime and anywhere in the world.

Talking about the security concerns, Infinito offers touch ID support. More than 12 languages are supported on the wallet app.

6. Daedalus Wallet

This wallet is the official wallet and supported product of ADA. It is an open source wallet available on only for desktop. The wallet supports windows, Mac operation systems and ADA storage provided by Daedalus wallet itself. Daedalus only participate on the Cardano network and only runs on its network.

Through its feature hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD), you can manage any number of wallets as you want and can organize your digital assets in a manner full way.

The developer team have claimed recently that, in future release the developers can develop their application as per their needs to increase the functionality.

Talking about the downside, the wallet is not available on IOS and Android. The security concerns are less high. All of your passwords are protected by advanced cryptography.

7. Guarda Wallet

Guarda wallet is new in the market. Although it is not as much popular as hardware wallets still it’s a worth try. Known to be a mainstream coin, Guarda wallets provide you unlimited support with all tokens and coins linked to the bitcoin and Ethereum network.

Guarda’s team will be 24/7 live to solve all your queries and assist you if you have any. The interface is very simple and beginner-friendly. Good security measures are the key feature of this wallet.

The app is although completely free to download but there is a certain amount of fees that you need to pay if you’re using the build in exchange for the wallet.

3.5% fees are high as compared to other crypto wallets and it is one of the major flaws of the wallet. In the end, if you’re looking for the best wallet where you can store your DOT or other cryptocurrencies more safely then you should stop your search. Because after reciting every good thing about this wallet, the hopes should be high.

8. Trust Wallet

The motto of this wallet is to make crypto more accessible for the public. The wallet is officially supported by Binance means that it is the official product from the Binance group.

Trust wallet is most popular among traders and especially for those who are more interested in investing Cardano aka ADA. Your lookout must be ended with this wallet if you’re looking for a most suitable wallet.

The interface of the wallet is very user-friendly and easy to understand. For them, they always put user experience at the front. There are many handful features out there and the team is adding more features that can completely change the perspective of decentralized finance.

It means that the wallet supports different coins and tokens on a single platform i.e. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and of course Cardano.

Cardano frequently asked questions

Is Cardano a good Investment?

As the market of crypto is volatile, experts predict that cardano will reach to its all-time high soon than enough. Yes cardano is a good long-term investment. The coin will go high and rise as high as $2 by the start of 2021.

Who owns Cardano?

The founder of Cardano Blockchain is Charles Hoskinson. This is the same man who was the co-founder of Ethereum Blockchain. So expect High!


And there you have it. We ending our though and presenting you our comprehensive list of top wallets where you store your ADA.

If one of you want the safest option, then hardware wallets are the best. Yes, they are a little bit of expensive but are worth to pay. On the other hand of you are looking for highly functional wallets then Atomic wallet and Daedalus wallet are the best option.

Whatever you choose make sure to follow Security 101. Make sure that your PC is free from virus and anti-virus software is installed. Still got questions that need to be answered? Comment below and we will be in touch with you in a while.

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