Blockchain and Ticketing: Future of Transport Ticketing with STUB

Blockchain is always making waves and not just related to cryptocurrencies. It is evolving and trying to step into various segments. Lately, it is integrating in transport ticketing system. Thanks to a concept called STUB. Researchers at the University of Birmingham states blockchain technology could revolutionize how we purchase and use transport tickets.

STUB or the System for Ticketing Ubiquity is focusing on creating a seamless ticketing experience across different modes of transportation. A single platform can be used to buy as well as validate tickets for trains, buses or taxis.

Blockchain is a digital ledger and records transactions securely and transparently. It can now allow service providers to sell and verify tickets on a secure network. The portal is claimed to be user-friendly. Hence, passengers can now bid adieu to confusing as well as disconnected ticketing systems.

One important feature of STUB in blockchain to mention here is its integration of ontology to formally represent and manage complex information. It can also create a robust and interconnected data framework that ensures consistent as well as reliable shared knowledge about routes, schedules and ticket availability.

It is learned that the primary goal of STUB is to be flexible and empower existing ticket providers. The technology is to bring innovation in the world of transport ticketing.

This means the STUB is paving the path for a more efficient, transparent and user-friendly transport ticketing system by simply leveraging blockchain and ontology technologies. It is an innovative approach and could transform how we navigate as well as pay for transportation services in the future.

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