Figurati Is All Set to Integrate the Jewelry and Blockchain Markets for Safer Ownership

Figurati Is All Set to Integrate the Jewelry and Blockchain Markets for Safer Ownership

The NFT market has long held tremendous potential, and its true worth and utility are yet to be tapped. Projects released in the past focussed only on one aspect rather than employing it to the benefit of any existing industry. But that changes with Figurati integrating NFT and crypto to simplify and secure the jewelry industry, making it more appealing to the younger generations.

Figurati came into existence in 2016 with the sole idea of delivering exclusive, curated, and vintage jewelry to customers. The company believes in customer satisfaction and makes them its top priority. Every decision is taken with the interest of customers in mind. And in line with this idea, Figurati becomes the first to make a revolutionary transformation and deliver the benefits of NFT and blockchain to its customers.

Figurati integrates jewelry and NFT by offering the latter on each purchase. This will certify the ownership of every piece. As is the case with NFTs, every purchase is recorded on the blockchain and thus cannot be modified in any way. This ensures complete transparency and allows users to seamlessly and effortlessly secure transactions. Also, since the ownership information is publicly available, it attracts buyers, and subsequently, the value increases considerably. 

Figurati intends to capture the market in the coming years and become one of the most prominent players in the domain by 2023. To achieve this goal, Figurati will soon launch a native token, FigCo, making it the first jewelry project to adopt the blockchain model. It was, in any case, inevitable since the blockchain model is set to capture every industry out there. But with Figurati being the first to employ NFTs and crypto tokens, it now has a considerable edge over others.

The native token, FigCo, will be listed on all major exchanges by 2023, and around the same time, the developers and the top executives, including the CEO and CFO, will come forward and make them known. Figurati has got the best professionals in every domain of blockchain with years of experience working on the project to ensure that every aspect remains perfect and delivers top-notch security.

So, for those interested in acquiring jewelry, Figurati is the only reliable option that will offer secure ownership and bring the best of the future to you today! Besides, their curated collection is amazing and at par with some of the most renowned jewelry brands in the world. Anyone who understands the intricacies of both markets will realize the potential held by Figurati and how integrating NFT and introducing a native token will revolutionize things and make Figurati one of the most prominent players in the years to come.

To find out more about Figurati Jewelry, visit the official website:

For information on the crypto token, NFTs, and the project’s roadmap, visit:  

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