Mindful Positivity Shortcut: If All Else Fails…Ctrl + Alt + Del

Mindful Positivity Shortcut: If All Else Fails…Ctrl + Alt + Del

Until the world as a collective starts to move towards a more positive frequency…it is inevitable that you will come across a person, place, or thing that is negative.

So the questions are…

  • How do you overcome that negative energy?
  • How do you stay positive around negative people?
  • How do you stay positive in a negative situation? Or a negative environment?

One option is…if all else fails CTRL + ALT + DEL.

This is a well-known computer shortcut when pressed simultaneously on a PC keyboard will terminate/restart any unresponsive program.

Is your computer frozen and your stuck with no way out? CTRL + ALT + DEL.

It has gotten many computer users out of frustrating situations. So, what makes you think this short cut cant help you in frustrating negative situations?

Let’s explore the different ways in which this short cut, when applied simultaneously could possibly help you if/when you find yourself in a negative situation.

  1. CONTROL Yourself – No one has the power to control your peace unless you allow them to.
  • Keep Breathing. You may not be able to control the people or events around you, but you can control your breathe. If you cannot remove yourself from the situation, focus on breathing. It’s the one thing you can do without even thinking. Now if you turn all your attention to focusing on inhaling and exhaling, you can shift your awareness/energy from that negative situations to within.
  • Tip: When breathing visualize the word “peace” surrounded by light, slowly filling your body with each inhale, and visualize the negative energy/situation being removed/released with each exhale.
  • Keep It Slow & Steady. As best you can, keep your focus and attention on the Here & Now. There are no words or actions that can change the past, and no matter how many plans you make anything can happen to alter the future. Something as simple as future plans to go to the store can be changed with a simple flat tire. That is not to say never make plans for the future. It is just focusing on what you can control. So when it comes to the past and the future, only the present (Here & Now) can be controlled. Make plans, but always have an understanding that anything can help to alter those plans and not taking it personal when life happens.

(Note: There are some situations where even the present in uncontrollable. In those cases…Ctrl + Alt + Del and remember “This Too Shall Pass”.

  • Tip: Never let the sadness of your past, and the fear of your future, ruin the happiness of your present.
  • Tip 2: Eckhart Tolle has a cool book called “Practicing the Power of Now” that summarizes his original book “The Power of Now”. It’s a great read on how to understand/learn the power of being in the present.
  1. ALTER Your Thinking
  • Keep It Positive. It’s easy to find the negative within any situation. It takes work to not only be positive but to stay positive. Make it a game if it’s easier…when a negative situation starts to present itself, pull that energy into something positive.
  • Tip: T.H.I.N.K before you speak. Is it TRUE, Is it HELPFUL, Is it INSPIRING, Is it NECESSARY, Is it KIND?
  • Tip 2: Change your thoughts…and you change your world.
  • Keep It Humble. Acknowledge any roles you may have played in the situation, from there it’s easier to find a solution. Always remember EGO’s can prevent progress, and one thing that will feed a person’s EGO…is the blame game. Everyone taking part in this game will lose, because it is a game that pride will not let anyone win. Take ownership where it applies and apply understanding everywhere else. We have all been there before, so none of us are above making mistakes, failing in some way, or even procrastinating.
  • Tip: Never take a disagreement personal. Remember, everyone’s perceptions are based on their own personal life experiences, as well as from their point of view. Be mindful that you don’t know their journey, just like they don’t know yours.
  1. DELETE Negativity
  • Keep A High Frequency. One way to remove negativity from your presences is to never allow it to get close to beginning with. There is a saying “you are the company you keep”. Surround yourself with people, places, and things that inspire/motivate you to be a better you. There is no room for negative energy when your surrounded by positivity.
  • Tip: Vibrate so high, that toxic people no longer know how to approach you. They will either remove themselves from your life, or never approach you to begin with.
  • Keep It Moving. Do not get involved with anything surrounded by drama and gossip. If you find yourself in a situation where gossip is taking place…keep it moving. Remove yourself from the situation. Being involved in any form of gossip/drama will ultimately drag you into negative energy. If asked for your thoughts/opinions just say you don’t have any, or that you don’t feel comfortable talking about it.
  • Tip: When at work keep your personal life personal. Life is much easier if you give yourself a break. Give yourself a break from work by not bringing work home…give yourself a break from personal issues…by not bringing personal situations to work.
  • Keep It Detached. Remove anything negative in your life, and keep it detached from your energy. With negativity removed from your surroundings, its much easier to stay positive. To everything there is a season, and not everything is meant for you.

This is just one of many ways to help in negative situations. We encourage you to find other amazing articles on how to overcome negative situations and apply what works best for you. There is than one way to solve a problem. We just wanted to share with you an ExtraOrdinary Shortcut if all else fails.

  1. Keep Breathing (Ctrl)
  2. Keep It Slow & Steady (Ctrl)
  3. Keep It Positive (Alt)
  4. Keep It Humble (Alt)
  5. Keep A High Frequency (Del)
  6. Keep It Moving (Del)
  7. Keep It Detached (Del)

-ExtraOrdinary Blog


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