Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Pre-Sale Is Live as Tron (TRX), Polygon (MATIC) Teams Share Massive Accomplishments

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Logarithmic Finance’s pre-sale continues as Tron and Polygon anounce reaching major milestones

Tron (TRX) and Polygon (MATIC) are two cryptocurrency tokens from the top league of large-cap altcoins. Logarithmic Finance’s LOG is an early-stage DeFi coin.

Tron achieves $10 bln TVL

The Tron Foundation announced major updates during the weekend update. The Total Value Locked in terms of assets on the Tron blockchain achieved $10 billion. The total number of transactions on Tron has reached 3.15 billion. The Tron blockchain height has reached 40.39 million and the total number of accounts has reached 90,663,354.

Tron is one of the most used blockchain networks in the world and continues to build providing more features to its users. It has recently introduced a new stable coin for its users.

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Polygon DEX MeshSwap achieves $40 mln daily trading volume

MeshSwap, a decentralized exchange built on Polygon, has achieved a trading volume of $40 million and has become the second-largest DEX in the MATIC ecosystem. It will help in the greater adoption and use of the Polygon chain.


Polygon has become one of the largest layer 2 solutions and has received great adoption from developers. Polygon hosts many interesting dApps and has become a hub for staking and DeFi protocols.

Introducing Logarithmic Finance, a one-stop hub for investors and entrepreneurs

The Logarithmic Finance (LOG) platform will provide an easy to use option for bringing together project owners and investors. It will help investors in identifying unique projects that could deliver huge returns. Project owners will be able to raise funds by creating liquidity pools on multiple blockchain networks. 

At present, liquidity pools are under the control of site owners even on decentralized platforms. Logarithmic Finance will be governed through a DAO and will allow users more control over the kind of pools deployed, and the network selection will also be up to the participants. 

The LOG Token will be initially deployed on Ethereum but will support other networks such as Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and Tezos. This interoperability will allow users to get access to lower gas fees and quick swaps. 

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Polygon introduces Liquid staking

The Polygon platform announced liquid staking through the Stader Polygon network. Users will be able to stake with Stader Polygon and mint a token known as MaticX, which will represent their liquid-staked MATIC. Currently, MaticX delivers 8.5% APY staking rewards. Liquid staking is increasingly becoming popular as users get more control over their funds and their assets are not locked. It also opens a world of possibilities by using staked assets on DeFi. Polygon announced the launch of liquid staking rewards through a tweet, “Liquid staking allows users to earn staking rewards for securing the network while also participating in DeFi! This week, we explore @stader_polygon, a liquid staking protocol, and all the #DeFi opportunities unlocked on staking.”

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