Gorilix (SILVA) boasts 80% returns as Polygon (Matic) and Tron (TRX) begin to rally – CryptoMode

Gorilix (SILVA) boasts 80% returns as Polygon (Matic) and Tron (TRX) begin to rally – CryptoMode

The current cryptocurrency bear market may be a building block for huge portfolio gains in the future. Inflation, recent global events, and sharp interest rates are all lending a hand to the wealth of opportunities in crypto. If done correctly, investors can capitalize on the current low prices of many crypto assets to make significant gains once the market surpasses its former heights-which. It very likely will; this is far from the only cryptocurrency market dip. If you’re looking to deal with the chill of the current Crypto Winter to get into cryptocurrency at an incredible discount, you may walk away with your pockets bigger than they’ve ever been before. These three high-performing cryptocurrencies may be the perfect place to start. 

Gorilix (SILVA)

Showing 80% returns since presale began, SILVA leads the way as our top pick for most bullish crypto in a market downturn. SILVA is the native token for the Gorilix DeFi, a platform determined to put financial power back in the hands of the customer. With Gorilix, you can maximize the potential of your crypto portfolio and stake, save or lend your crypto to receive interest and rewards.

Gorilix Defi accepts all ERC20 tokens, including custom tokens and pays interest and rewards in the high-flying SILVA token, adding another way for customers to boost their portfolios.

With less than four weeks left in Stage 1, if you were considering making a SILVA token purchase, this is the perfect time to buy in and take advantage of the projected presale growth.

To buy SILVA tokens, visit Gorilix.io.

Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC is coming off the back of an intense 7-day rally, which saw the price shoot up 48.7%. The Polygon Network recently achieved carbon neutrality and increased privacy for DAOS (decentralized autonomous organizations), allowing network users to vote on governance proposals without compromising their identities. These pieces of news have led to a surge in MATIC’s price this week.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, initially created to provide complete ownership rights to digital content makers. It is the leading cryptocurrency in the top 100 (by market cap) based on 60-day returns showing that it has the fortitude to survive even the harshest market conditions.

TRX is built on its own blockchain network, capable of handling 2000 transactions per second. To show how good that transaction speed is, it is 333 times more transactions than Bitcoin can take per second.

To buy your SILVA tokens, visit Gorilix.io.

To register for the presale: https://cabinet.gorilix.io/sign-up

To join the Telegram, Twitter & Instagram: https://linktr.ee/Gorilix

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