Polygon (MATIC) Whales Join Bitgert Community


March 14, 2022


The movement of the crypto community usually shows where the market is heading to. It tells which might be the next big cryptocurrency to invest in. But it is the movement of the whales that makes the most significant impact. There have been many whales joining Bitgert (BRISE) recently, led by the Polygon (MATIC) whales.

Why is Bitgert growing popular with whales, even from large cryptocurrencies such as Polygon (MATIC)? Well, this is because of the huge potential that this project has over such projects. Read more below:



The Polygon (MATIC) Whales, and many other large cryptocurrencies whales, have been joining Bitgert (BRISE). These whales have not just been joining the coin but have also been accumulating Bitgert. The biggest reason Bitgert is attracting whales is its huge potential as a crypto investment. This is a project that is going to experience mass adoption after the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain.

The BRC20 blockchain has managed to address two major problems: scalability and the gas fee. The Brise chain offers the lowest gas fee at $0.0000000000001 and the fastest chain at 100,000 TPS. This is the most powerful blockchain right now and the reason Bitgert is doing very well and attracting whales. More whales are joining the coin every day.



Bitgert is already doing well in the market, but many other projects are worth looking at. At the moment, Centcex is one of the crypto projects that has been gaining a lot of attention from investors. The huge investment return Centcex offers is the biggest attraction. The team is building one of the largest numbers of crypto applications for this ecosystem.

With the largest number of utilities, Centcex wants to bring mass adoption of the coin. This means skyrocketing prices, which will grow Centcex investors’ assets. The large numbers of products also make massive staking revenue for the staked tokens. That’s how Centcex investors will be making good money from their investment. This might be the next project that might offer Bitgert coin tough competition.



The Polygon (MATIC) whales have been joining the Bitgert coin recently in large numbers. They have not only been joining the coin but have also been accumulating Bitgert. There are many reasons why Matic whales are leaving, but the most obvious one is that Bitgert promises better returns than Polygon (MATIC).

In fact, the Bitgert blockchain might be the Polygon (MATIC) killer. This is because the chain is outperforming the Matic network by almost everything. From the speed of the chain to the gas fee, the Bitgert chain offers better features than the Polygon network. That’s why the whales are joining the Bitgert blockchain.

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