12 Days of VeVe – Recap

Shout out to Reddit user u/show84 for the recap!

December 13th – 24th.

Series of give aways and 12 drops over the 12 days.

Drops will NOT be every day.

4 drops this week.

2 comics this week, 2 on Saturday.

1 drop every day next week.

Pre announced drops.


Holiday theme drops.




1 entry. 1 spin.

Social actions more entries chances to win. 12 hour increments. Might want to save them for certain drops in the prize pool.

Save up your spins for next weeks drops?

Can’t win anything that hasn’t been announced yet.

Physical items also included.

Current Prize pool: Tomorrows comic. Astonishing Xmen common, uncommon, rare.

Disney golden moment. Walle

2 Batman PHYSICAL statues.

Full box. Series 2. Memricorn. 12 pieces .

VeVe physical light box set (stickers t shirts)

Continue to add to the prize pool.

1 entry to start. Can gain entries up to 10 additional entries through social actions.

1 entry every 12 hours.

CANNOT save all entries for the very last day. 12 hour intervals.

Cannot ship physical items to Russia. (Logistics and legalities).

Total of 35 gifts.

Team will update what’s been won.

Drops will be announced in advance. No surprise drops.

Every entry is tied to user name and email address before prizes being awarded. No multiple email accounts. Every winner needs to be verified to your user account.

Spin, if you don’t win, come back in 12 hours to complete a new social task to spin.

Visit based and sharing actions for social activities. Mainly refer your friends category.

Select HERE for referral link to 12 days if VeVe giveaway:


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