Polygon (MATIC) Price Bracing Up To Surge 2X This Bull Run Aiming $5 Target!

The protocol aiming at transforming Ethereum into a multichain ecosystem is rising at a steady pace. And is walking into the limelight, as the platform trends on public platforms. Polygon is witnessing several integrations, adoptions, and partnerships taking place. Which are fueling the growth of the network. The network is also experiencing a rising trend in the gaming sphere.

Rise In Institutional Interests!

 The network is growing at a rapid pace and is garnering interest from institutions. FunFair Technologies integrates with Polygon, as part of which FunFair wallet creates a fully integrated solution that is interoperable with all the major ecosystems, providing fast speeds and lower transaction costs.

Polygon partners with Portal, a De-Fi layer on Bitcoin, that will enable WBTC/BTC and POS-WBTC to BTC SWAP. In addition, Polygon will be contributing a facilitation node to boost overall liquidity for atomic swaps. Between Bitcoin and POS-WBTC, WBTC, and other assets.

According to some sources, 21Shares the world’s first crypto index ETP will be listing Polygon alongside two other crypto ETP on SIX Swiss Exchange.  

Polygon launches a zk-STARK scaling solution for the deployment of dApps. The move aims to improve the validation process for dApps on the polygon network. zk-STARK stands for zero-knowledge Scalable Transport Argument of Knowledge. Will allow one party to prove to another that they hold private information without revealing the information. Polygon will be committing over $1 Billion for the technology.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis

The digital asset at press time is trading at $1.574, with the market cap hovering around $10,901,366,953. The trading volume for around the clock is around $881,639,926. The digital coin has been moving across the price range of $1.55 and $1.67 for the past 24-hours. The ATH remains distant from current levels at $2.62.

The asset after smashing the monthly highs is trending within the falling wedge. A breakthrough from the wedge will help the price propel towards its target of $2. A bullish momentum ahead could further lead the coin to levels around $2.15. Strengthening the trade volumes will ease MATIC’s trek to higher highs. On the flip side, the digital coin could fall to lower levels of $1.5.

Collectively, the growing fundamentals and adoptions of the network will fuel Polygon’s bullish momentum. Helping the MATIC price could reclaim its ATH in near future. We can expect Polygon to rise up on the charts in terms of market cap ranking, considering the growth of the protocol.

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