EPSILON ($EPS) The World’s First Upgradable Coin Launched on Avalanche (C-Chain), Polygon (MATIC) & Binance Blockchain




EPSILON, “The Beast” to Break the Ongoing “Meme Coins” Trend. World’s First Upgradable Coin Deployed on Avalanche (C-Chain), Polygon (MATIC) & Binance Block.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Founder of Epsilon Token claims to break the ongoing Trend in the Crypto Currency markets & Blockchain Industry Commenting on the Blockchain Industry trend, Epsilon’s Founder R Davis stated: “Crypto or any investment for that matter is not a joke. Then why the market should be taken as joke. When you make an investment it’s a serious business as the money invested is earned with hard efforts. So, why invest so casually?”

Introducing EPSILON ($EPS) The world’s first Upgradable Crypto Token with Governance control got Deployed & Finally started it’s Pre-Sale on November 4th’ 2021.

The Pre-Sale $EPS on Avalanche (C-Chain) & Polygon (MATIC) will start on November 10th 2021.

And R Davis (The Founder) further shared the information of the Crypto currency developed by the Epsilon team which will start a new trend and we hope to bring an Evolution and that is EPSILON ($EPS).

Also stated: “Epsilon is developed with an intention for people to make serious investment and to get excellent gains. It is often observed in majority of the platforms that the money is moving from One pocket to the other and there’s no actual profits or gains.”

Hence, Epsilon was created which is the world’s first Upgradable Crypto Token with Governance Control (The Community, Holders and/or The Investors control it). It also has a Unique DUALMODE Buyback & Burn ensure the value of the token stays afloat. So, there’s an Auto Buyback & Burn which gets triggered automatically whenever it reaches the Threshold.

Also, a manual Buyback & Burn feature “on demand” ready to be deployed as when decided via the “Governance”. The Buyback & Burn Feature also known as “The Beast” is funded by the buyback fee on every Buy & Sell.

The tokens collected from the fees are converted automatically & instantly into (AVAX/MATIC/ BNB) Depending the Blockchain platform and securely locked & stored in the EPSILON’s contract known as “The beast’s Cave”.

Since, The (AVAX/MATIC/ BNB) are stored in contract itself and is coded.

So, the (AVAX/MATIC/ BNB) in “The Beast’s Cave” cannot be withdrawn & can only be utilized to buyback $EPS coins from the market & burn them instantly. Which in return restores or increases the Market value of Epsilon ($EPS) coin on every event.

It also has been integrated with a “JUMPER FEE” which an Anti-Pump & Dump feature to ensure that people who try to Manipulate the price & disturb the $EPS’s Market value get penalized. Therefore, They do not Dump the Value and ensure to not take away the gains for serious & mid to long term holders aka “Diamond Hands” and also has a True Anti-Whale Tokenomics which ensure that no wallet can ever hold more than 1,000,000,000 $EPS that is 1% of the total supply.

Now, the real strength of EPSILON is the Strong EcoSystem which is to ensure there are constant growth of $EPS’s Value along with Continues rewards to it holders based on the Blockchain in either AVAX, MATIC or BNB.

The EcoSystem is one of the core strength and is what makes it Unique. The Epsilon $EPS coin is the “Power Source” of the of it’s EcoSystem.

EPswap: A DeFi Trading Platform & Dapp. A Decentralized Exchange & application which will not only allow anyone to Swap, Exchange Crypto currencies. But will also have options to stake their holding be it any crypto currency. It will also feature Rewards program with special benefits for $EPS holders.

E-Wall: Epsilon’s Secure Multi Currency Wallet. A lifelong Project which will not only be used to secure your $EPS coin but will also be a multicurrency wallet. There will be an app on both Android & iOS platform for “E-wall” which will be pre-integrated with “EPSwap” Epsilon’s De-Fi Trading Platform. “E-wall” will be one of the many revenue generating line of businesses.

E-Launch: A “One-Stop” Launchpad for Crypto Projects. A Launchpad Platform to empower the Innovators, visionaries & developers to give them all the services from Development support to Exchange listing. Therefore, it will have services like: Crypto development & coding service, Security audit service (pre Deployment), Web design & Dapp services, content writing services, Graphic design, White Paper design service, Promotion services, Post Deployment Token Audit Service & certification, Marketing & Branding support, Pre-Sales Launch pad, Liquidity Lock service & Exchange Listing.

EPGA: Epsilon’s Gaming Platform. A gaming platform which involves free to play games, Paid Games, Crypto games & a NFT marketplace.

All these together and a lot more upcoming projects will generate Revenue. That revenue’s share will be added to liquidity on regular intervals. Which will keep increasing the market value of $EPS coin.
As a matter of fact Epsilon’s EcoSystem will not only generate revenue & Increase the Value of $EPS & profits to its holder. But will make $EPS as a mode of payment & will also create jobs globally.

After sharing the details about Epsilon. The team discussed about their vision for it and stated “It took over 12 weeks into development, as they had to scrap and start over from square one about 7 times. Before they could make it to work as intended with no error & ensured its bug free.”
R Davis also stated: “spent over a week into testing the final code before deployment”.

Their website show the updated Roadmap for everyone to check the progress so far & the upcoming development in the next few month or quarters.

Also, Shared the White Paper which has the far more details than shared above and also the Audit Report which certifies & verifies the authenticity of Epsilon ($EPS) and is to be listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko soon.

Epsilon will soon be available on ETHEREUM and few other Blockchains.About EPSILON ($EPS)

Website: https://www.epsilon.gold/
Telegram: https://t.me/EpsilonCoin
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Epsilon_Coin
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Epsilon_EPS/
Discord: https://discord.gg/9w7NqGYZJ9
Medium: https://medium.com/@Epsilon_EPS
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Epsilon_Coin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/epsiloneps

For media & PR enquiries please contact: [email protected]

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