Junkie Catz Launch NFTS Launching on Polygon

Junkie Catz NFT Launch Announcement

Junkie Catz, a unique NFT and passive income project on the Polygon Network, is announcing the launch of their brand new NFT collection for Nov 3rd at 7 PM UTC. The collection is a passion project from a group of NFT enthusiasts, who have come together to release a set of NFTs of their very own.

The Junkie Catz collection is based on a group of “junkie cats,” who have found themselves in hard times, and utilizes distinct and creative artwork to share their story.

The Beginning Of The Junkie Catz Parable

The story behind Junkie Catz is a particularly troubling tale. A group of well-loved and groomed neighborhood cats that had everything going for them, loving families, unlimited food, and the best places to sleep. That is until one day, things took a turn for the worst.

They were picked up in the wrong neighborhood by the infamous cat catcher.

The Birth Of Junkie Catz

Life inside one of the most secure animal shelters in the area changed them for the worst, and getting out was a difficult task, with no family wanting a junkie for a pet. Living in a cycle of addiction and dilapidation, the cats were never the same again.

Incarceration gradually took more of a toll on the cats, and eventually, the group became what is now known as Junkie Catz.

The Junkie Catz was born.

The Release Of Junkie Catz

The team behind Junkie Catz is a group of highly skilled industry experts with a lot of enthusiasm and experience for the NFT market. The team saw an opportunity to tell a unique story, while also rewarding the holders of their creations with bonuses in a few different ways. Junkie Catz is more than just your standard NFT release.

The Project Roadmap

The team behind the NFT project, Junkie Catz, has some ambitious plans and goals. Their sights are targeted on a complete sell-out on day one and have a plan in place to deliver this result.

The roadmap for the initial launch of Junkie Catz is laid out into five separate stages, based on the sale of the preliminary mint:

  • 10% Sold –  Junkie Catz is released from jail and the Bondsman is paid his due.
  • 25% Sold – 5,000 $MATIC will be allocated to be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.
  • 50% Sold – Distribution of rare and limited editions Junkie Catz NFTs will be distributed to selected holders in the community.
  • 75% Sold – 10,000 $MATIC will be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.
  • 100% Sold – 15,000 $MATIC will be distributed to select holders depending if you hold the super rare Catz! there will only be a select amount of these available.
  • Once the initial mint is sold, Junkie Catz version two will commence and a new mint will come into play.

Passive Income, Rewards, And Gamification

The Junkie Catz team is passionate about two things,  NFTs, and also rewarding their community. Junkie Catz has a significant reward system in place and the team wants to repay their supporters they have in any way possible. Holders of Junkie Catz will be rewarded in various limited edition and rare Junkie Catz NFT collectibles. As well as NFTs, a large allocation of $MATIC is dedicated to early buyers plus holders will also be rewarded in $MATIC reflections just by holding the NFTs.

Gamification will also soon take place once the initial mint is sold, with plans to not only allow holders to experience the metaverse, but to be rewarded for participating.

Junkie Catz is not just an NFT project but a gamified, passive income project at the same time. A fresh perspective on NFTs and community rewards.

The launch date of Junkie Catz is set for Nov 3rd at 7 PM UTC, with further updates to be announced on the Junkie Catz official social media accounts.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JunkieCatz
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RmwwYDt8

Media Contact:
Curtis Ramsay
[email protected]

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