Bitcoin, MATIC and Filecoin – European Wrap 9 September

Bitcoin price suffered a fatal crash on September 7, which rippled out into the entire ecosystem as the altcoin tumbled. While this short-term sell-off wiped off gains accrued over the past month, things seem to be turning around as altcoins initiate a recovery phase.


BTC/USDT 1-day chart

Polygon’s native token MATIC suffered a massive drop in price in a Black Thursday-like crash on September 8. The altcoin has recovered since then and started an upward climb. 

Filecoin price was among the altcoins that experienced a ripple effect for a sudden downswing earlier this week. However, like many cryptocurrencies, FIL is on the road to recovery and is showing promise that a massive upswing is around the corner.


FIL/USDT 1-day chart




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