What Is ANKR’s Price Prediction After Coinbase Listing?

With ANKR price rocketing 9,000 percent in the past year, investors have made good money with the token. As ANKR price is still forecast to keep climbing, there is still room to make money with it. 

As the Ankr project expands, the ANKR token should see an increase in usage and demand, which would provide a catalyst for the price to keep going up. The ANKR token might also be attractive to investors seeking cheap crypto investments. 

Also, ANKR’s price could benefit from scarcity, just like bitcoin. There are 7 billion ANKR tokens in circulation now. The token’s supply is capped at 10 billion coins. As the supply limit approaches, there’s an incentive for investors to rush into the token. This is the same reason bitcoin’s price has been surging. More than 18.6 million bitcoins have been mined, which brings the supply closer to the limit of 21 million coins. The scarcity has made bitcoin look like digital gold, and investors big and small are rushing to buy. 

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