Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Gets Dogecoin Tattoo On Her Backside

The pro streamer, who has an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming, just bragged that she is making serious bank. Corinna was recently streaming Fortnite with fellow pro gamer Clix when she revealed her monthly income. Clix was left stunned, to say the least.

“Should I just tell you exactly how much I make every month?” Corinna said. “I make six-figures a month… that’s all I’ll ever say.” Clix couldn’t believe his ears and asked her to confirm it. “Dead-a**,” Kopf replied. “I made $74,000 today on the stock market.”

She hasn’t confirmed that the $74K was related to Dogecoin in any way, but her latest tattoo proves she isn’t upset with the cryptocurrency.

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