Corinna Kopf actually gets a Doge tattoo after Elon Musk calls her out

After promising to get a Doge tattoo once she reached 50,000 retweets on Twitter, Instagram influencer Corinna Kopf has finally followed through on the challenge after an intervention from Elon Musk.

Social media is a powerful place, and plenty of creators and influencers have left their fate in the hands of thousands of Twitter users in the past, often setting a certain amount of likes or retweets as a goal that decides whether they will have to do a challenge or not.

Back in January Instagram influencer and gamer Corinna Kopf decided that she would get a ‘DogeCoin’ tattoo if she reached 50,000 retweets after it became particularly popular around that time.

DogeCoin is a cryptocurrency inspired by the viral Shiba Inu ‘Doge’ meme, initially introduced back in 2013, but experienced a surge in popularity in 2021.

Corinna appeared to hit her goal relatively early on according to one Twitter user who said, “it hit 50k right at the start and she didn’t do it, she’s only in it for clout,” alongside an image that showed she had reached the goal she suggested.

This was in response to a thread on March 24 where Corinna said if Elon Musk followed her she would buy “one bitcoin.”

That then led to Elon Musk himself replying to the disgruntled Twitter user who called Corinna out for not following through on getting the tattoo, with Elon saying, “you raise a good point haha.”

Elon’s tweet seemed to prompt the influencer to finally get the tattoo, as she revealed in a tweet on March 26, the word ‘Doge’ inked in an unusual place.

Corinna tagged the Tesla CEO in a reply to the tweet, but it’s unclear whether or not he’s seen the new tattoo.

Regardless, he seemed to have been the person to finally convince the star to follow through on her promise, and fans are impressed that she’s actually done it.

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