An Interview with a Dogecoin Core Developer

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Hello everyone and welcome to such a wow interview! I am Olivia Kenney, the Chief Marketing Manager at GetBlock, and today we’re going to have a small talk with Max from the Dogecoin team. Hey Max, we’re super excited to have you here, please, introduce yourself.

Hi Olivia, my name is Max Keller, and I’m an Android developer by day, living in Germany. I work on Dogecoin in many ways but could say my focus lies with Dogecoin Core and the Android wallet. I also roam around in the different communities and help out where I can.

Nice to meet you, Max! So, can you tell us more about your path, how did you become a Dogecoin Core developer?

I got involved pretty early when a friend of mine pointed me towards the Dogecoin subreddit. That was all the way back when Dogecoin wasn’t even traded on any exchanges. Only a few days after its inception. I spent a considerable amount of time in the community and thought it’d be nice to try and give back by using my knowledge as a developer. I got to know the founders and helped out where I could until they withdrew from the project and handed me “the keys” to it.

Very interesting! Well, Dogecoin was practically created as a meme telling the world that the whole cryptocurrency concept is a joke. What do you think about Dogecoin now when it has become one of the world’s most highly valued cryptocurrencies? Have you or your team changed the opinion about the crypto universe since then?

I can only really speak for myself here but I still see issues with cryptocurrency that the community has not managed to fully solve yet. But work towards that is underway from many sides and I enjoy watching its progress as an overall ecosystem. I’m glad Dogecoin can be a part of this movement and hope that the Dogecoin project and community can continue playing a part in making cryptocurrency more fun and accessible.

What do you think about cryptocurrency today, is it time to buy Bitcoin or it’s too late? 😉

No comment on buying anything from me 😉 Crypto as a whole certainly has valid use cases and I also think that the underlying blockchain technology can prove useful in many areas. It is up to the community as a whole to make use of it in a way that creates a safe space for new users too.

Have you ever expected while working with Dogecoin that it will be in the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap? What did you feel the day when DOGE hit its ATH at the end of January?

I’m known to not worry too much about the price. Value is more than just a ranking by market cap. We focus more on the long term and providing a stable foundation for the wider community to build value on top of.

I totally agree with you about the value point. You know, the next question was born also in response to the latest events. So, only the lazy would not see the hype raised by Elon Musk around Dogecoin. Have you or anyone from your team had a chance to talk with Elon Musk, what do you think about his latest tweets?

Some of his tweets made us laugh, some of his tweets have led to more serious thoughts. I think he is walking a fine line and should consider this with every tweet.

Can you send us your favorite DOGE memes, I believe you have a special folder for that? 😉

I’ll just link you to my favorite source of Dogecoin memes:

Nice, thank you! Ok, let’s just put all the hype aside for a while and talk a bit about your goals, what do you plan for Dogecoin in 2021, where are you heading?

We are currently working on the next updates to Dogecoin Core, our reference client. Aside from an upcoming bugfix release, we will focus on bringing in the latest updates from Bitcoin Core while re-thinking our approach to keeping Dogecoin Core up to date. We also keep focusing on educational resources for new and existing users.

What do you think are going to be trends in the blockchain space in general?

I think a lot of technologies that are based on or evolved from blockchain in general are getting ready for use in production in many sectors. Things that many have previously seen as hype have since been refined into useful tech and it’s now on the people to make good use of it. As for new developments, I have always been surprised by some of the ideas that come up and will continue to watch the space for new cool ideas.

Dogecoin has a very strong and active community, maybe the most active in the whole crypto world, what would be your message to all Dogecoin lovers today?

The Dogecoin community is indeed pretty amazing. It’s to this day one of the main reasons why I spend my time with Dogecoin and I hope that from the influx of new users we have seen in the past weeks we gained quite a few new shibes who’ll stick around with us on our exciting journey 😉

And they will do, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for your time! I remind you that today we were joined by Max Keller, the Dogecoin Core developer. It was really pleasant having you here and chatting with you, thanks a lot.

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GetBlock provides instant connection to 40+ blockchain nodes of the most popular cryptocurrencies.


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