From Signal, to Etsy, to Gamestop, to Shopify, to Dogecoin and others

In May last year, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk posted a tweet about Tesla stock price being high and also him selling off all his personal possessions.This cost him USD 14 billion from his valuation in a few hours. With that tweet, Tesla share price dropped by more than 10 per cent, though the share rebounded within a week.

In another scenario, he ended in trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission when he said he wanted to take Tesla private at USD 420 per share and that he had secured the funding to do so. This was an episode in August 2018. It not only cost him and Tesla to pay up USD 40 million in penalty (USD 20 million each), but also the post of .

But since then what has Elon Musk learnt…

He may have learnt that he has the power to post a tweet and get investors to dump or buy shares. The only difference is now he does not tell you about the stock directly but in a way which investors have to be smart enough to pick up…

But looks like he realised his power to influence after the Signal episode, when he advised his followers to use Signal. Since then, he has been regularly tweeting about other listed companies.

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