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So, I went on vacation for a week, then came back and just disconnected from everything. I thought I’d have to skip another week because nothing was motivating. Not that I didn’t come across inspiring content, but nothing I wanted to spend a week diving into. Until I came across “The Higher Self” podcast with Erin Lyons. So, Erin talks about her transformative journey from Wall Street to spiritual enlightenment. Erin was always intrigued by “money”, so she took the wall street path. 
For 8 years she was a stockbroker and wealth manager for J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.  Then her pursuit of personal/financial growth led to a significant spiritual shift. In the podcast she highlights the shift from viewing money as mere currency to understanding it as a spiritual force. She emphasizes that money, often seen as a tangible entity, is a form of energy that we can harness and direct. The podcast encourages us to see money as an abundant divine flow. Which aligns with the “Money Is Energy” YouTube breakdown we did a few weeks ago. 
Erin Lyons transitioned from a Wall Street career to becoming a spiritual mentor, integrating financial expertise with spiritual growth. She teaches that money is not a tangible reality but an energy we can harness. 
In the podcast, Erin gives a shout out to the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, who is also the author of “The Secret”. Which was very popular in the early 2000s and has a documentary on Netflix. It’s based on the theology that thoughts can change a person’s life directly. So “The Secret” focuses on the law of attraction and “The Magic” is based on the transformative power of gratitude in creating a fulfilling and abundant life.
The turnaround in Erin’s life comes from her ability to overcome negative emotions to achieve holistic success. Channeling the energy of gratitude, she was able to heal and understand the energy of money to make better financial decisions, reduce stress, and align with one’s higher purpose for greater prosperity. Which is all that we are trying to do as a collective. I’m grateful for her and The Higher Self podcast for sharing their personal stories in how they healed/transformed. 
I’m intrigued, I want to see what “The Magic” is talking about. As well as how it ties into what we’ve already discovered and gained from our current understanding of the power of gratitude. 
We did a week on “Gratitude and Letting Go”, back in February of last year. He discussed how gratitude is used to turn what we have, into enough. It can transform any situation, by altering our vibration, moving us from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to effect change in our life. So, what’s cool is we know a little about the magic of gratitude already, and over the last year we’ve learned from different perspectives and ideologies to help us continue growing. 
I think this book will be cool because it adds structure to the process. It’s structured as a 28-day journey, with each day showing a specific gratitude practice designed to shift our mindset and attract positive experiences. Rhonda Byrne emphasizes that by expressing gratitude for both the big and small things in life, individuals can unlock a “magic” that brings more joy, health, wealth, and harmonious relationships. The practices range from counting blessings, gratitude journaling, and expressing thanks for current and future events, to more specific exercises like “Magical Relationships” and “Magic Money.” Overall, the book teaches readers how to harness the power of gratitude to manifest their desires and transform their lives.
I think with the direction the world seems to be going in, we need a little magic as a resource to keep on this healing journey of interconnectedness and enlightenment. I found a summary YouTube for us to reference when breaking down The Magic.  
May we each find a little Magic within this week. 🙏🏾

Here are the visual videos for this week. The Higher Self Podcast, and a cool summary of “The Magic”.

The Higher Self Podcast
The Magic 10 min Summary

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