Solana Foundation Simplifies Blockchain Transactions with New Tools

The Solana Foundation has introduced two new developer tools, Solana Actions and blockchain links (blinks), to make blockchain transactions more accessible and seamlessly integrated into everyday digital platforms.

Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption, utilised for a range of use cases including finance, NFTs, payments, and gaming.

Solana Actions enables users to execute onchain transactions across various platforms, such as websites, social media, and even physical QR codes. This tool simplifies the process for developers, letting them integrate blockchain functionalities directly into their applications.

Users can now perform tasks like buying NFTs, tipping creators and staking assets without navigating away from their current platform.

Solana blinks turns any Action into a shareable link. This innovation lets any URL-displaying website initiate a Solana transaction. As a result, social media and other platforms can now facilitate onchain interactions without redirecting users to external sites. This feature aims to make decentralised applications more user-friendly and widely accessible.

Both Actions and blinks are available immediately for businesses to integrate into their current offerings.

Mainstream adoption

“Access to blockchain protocols has long been isolated to dApps and other wallet-aware tools,” said Jon Wong, head of ecosystem engineering at the Solana Foundation. “Now, Actions and blinks on Solana allow any website and application on the internet to be a distribution point for onchain interactions – furthering the goal of mainstream adoption,”

“These simple-yet-powerful tools bring blockchain to everyone, everywhere by lowering the barriers to entry and paving the way for broader adoption of blockchain-based transactions.”

Chris Osborn, founder of Dialect, also added:  “Actions and blinks deliver on one of the internet’s original promises: they make experiences portable, shareable, and actionable on any surface. From your X feed you can buy a NFT, tip a creator, receive money, vote, stake, swap and so much more.”

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