BBAChain Unveils a Groundbreaking Layer 1 Technology for Blockchain-Based Elections

Estonia, Tallin, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

BBAChain Unveils a Groundbreaking Layer 1 Technology for Blockchain-Based Elections

BTI Group OÜ, the company behind BBAChain, has announced its plan to transform the global democratic process by using blockchain to conduct election processes. This development, known as the BTI Global Solution, is a part of the company’s ecosystem which will run on the BBAChain, a layer 1 blockchain. This also marks a significant step in mending all election-based longstanding loopholes.

Generally, some irregularities hinder a credible electoral process in nations across the globe, including voter suppression, voting system tampering, vote buying, security of election materials and cybersecurity, and authenticity of results. However, BBAChain offers a blockchain-based solution to increase transparency, efficiency, and accountability – BTI Global Solution.

In a statement made by Christian Trejo, the CSO of the company, he explained how BTI Global Solution, also referred to as Decentralized Democracy (DeDe), will drive the adoption of blockchain technology for elections worldwide. “BTI Group OÜ aims to bring elections to the blockchain, providing a solution for governments and institutions to conduct more transparent, efficient, and accountable political processes. Imagine a world where political elections are run on a blockchain. This could redefine the very nature of democracy. The only thing we regret is that it won’t be ready for these 2024 elections.” Trejo stated.

BBAChain presents a new era within the cryptocurrency sphere with tons of innovative solution-based ambitions that will transform and challenge the norm. Built by BTI Group OÜ, an Estonian company, BBAChain offers users a network capable of processing a notable 100,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS). This high throughput positions the blockchain as one of the fastest to transact on.

Furthermore, the BBAChain ecosystem offers other products aside from BTI Global Solutions. They include the BTI Exchange, BTI Swap, BTI NFT Marketplace, BTI Multi-Chain Wallet, BTI Payment Card, BTI Investment Funds, a stablecoin linked to the euro (EUB), etc.

Another development on the BBAChain is the BBA Coin which serves as a governance coin across the ecosystem. Currently, BBA Coin is not listed on any tier-1 or tier-2 exchange. However, the cryptocurrency is in the presale stage. 

According to the roadmap of the company, significant parts of the ecosystem are planned for launch by the end of 2024. These include the BTI Exchange, BTI Swap, and the Euro Stablecoin (EUB). As time goes on, the ecosystem will continue to expand with meaningful products that will solve real-time problems and go beyond generic crypto offerings.

Additionally, BBAChain, through Christian Trejo, the CSO, confirmed that the project is in talks with some governments. These ongoing conversations aim to foster the adoption of blockchain-based elections across the world to bring about a proper free and fair election that the people want.

BBAChain promises to transform the entire cryptocurrency landscape as it continues to expand its ecosystem. The layer 1 blockchain does not only want to drive crypto adoption, it also wants to change democratic systems for the better through the use of blockchain technology, allowing governments to run elections in the best possible way.

About BTI Group OÜ

BTI Group OÜ focuses on using advanced blockchain solutions to improve the real world. As the force behind BBAChain, the Estonian technology company aims to establish a comprehensive and scalable layer-1 blockchain ecosystem. 

The company is one of the leading forces in decentralized blockchain technology. Dedicated to openness, effectiveness, and community involvement, BTI Group OÜ provides revolutionary solutions for the digital and physical worlds.


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