New Discord Mindful Message! 06.12.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.12.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

Yesterday we broke down the 6 levels of thinking within the 1st tier of the Levels of Consciousness. So let’s go do a high level review of tier 2 & 3 and then see how each level works in the real world.
Because for me I feel that’s where we can benefit from each level of consciousness.

Second-Tier Levels of Consciousness

Level 7. Integral Worldview:

At this stage, people understand different ways of thinking and seeing things. They also think about how everything is connected. For example, companies use holistic management, which means they look at the big picture and how everything fits together. This helps them find better and more inclusive solutions to problems.

Third-Tier Levels of Consciousness

8. Mature Worldview:

At this highest stage, people see the world as one big, connected place and value different ways of living and thinking. Communities that focus on everyone’s well-being and growing together show this stage. The main benefit is feeling deeply connected and working together with kindness and understanding. “We Are One”

Here are some Real-World Applications of the AQAL Model:

Level 1 – Basic Needs
Example: A baby crying for food.
Real-World Application: This level is about survival and immediate physical needs. In daily life, it manifests in actions driven by basic instincts and urges. For instance, when someone is extremely hungry, their primary focus becomes finding food, similar to how a baby cries until they are fed.

Level 2 – Social Belonging
Example: A teenager wanting to fit in with a peer group.
Real-World Application: At this level, individuals seek social acceptance and belonging. For example, a teenager might change their clothing style or hobbies to align with their friend group to be liked and accepted.

Level 3 – Self-Reflection
Example: A person analyzing their performance at work to improve.
Real-World Application: This stage involves stepping back and considering one’s actions from an external perspective. A professional might review their work, seek feedback, and make adjustments to improve their performance and achieve their career goals.

Level 4 – Moral Awareness
Example: Debating ethical issues in a classroom setting.
Real-World Application: Here, individuals consider what is right or wrong based on societal norms and rules. In a classroom, students might engage in discussions about ethical dilemmas, reflecting on the implications of various actions and decisions.
Level 5 – Independent Thinking
Example: An entrepreneur developing a unique business model.
Real-World Application: At this level, individuals think independently and create their own values. An entrepreneur might challenge conventional business practices and develop an innovative model that reflects their personal vision and principles.
Level 6 – Individualism
Example: A person embracing diverse cultures and viewpoints.
Real-World Application: This stage involves recognizing and respecting different perspectives. For instance, a traveler immerses themselves in various cultures, understanding and appreciating different ways of life without judging one as better than the other.
Level 7 – Systematic Understanding
Example: A city planner integrating sustainable practices into urban development.
Real-World Application: Individuals see the bigger picture and understand interrelated systems. A city planner might design urban spaces that consider environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic viability, recognizing how these elements interact and affect the community.
Level 8 – Construct Awareness
Example: A mindfulness practitioner observing their thoughts and emotions.
Real-World Application: This rare level involves deep self-awareness and observing one’s mental processes. A mindfulness practitioner might meditate and notice how their thoughts and emotions arise and change, gaining insight into their inner workings and personal growth.
By applying these levels to real-world scenarios, we can see how psychological development influences various aspects of life, from basic needs and social interactions to complex thinking and self-awareness. The collective’s goal is to get to the level of mindfulness where we truly understand we are all one. May we each find the path that leads us to the awareness of interconnectedness 🙏🏾

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