Vechain’s Patent #67: Transforming Carbon Trading with Blockchain: Will VET Price Skyrocket?

  • VeChain secures its 67th patent, revolutionizing carbon trading with blockchain technology.
  • This breakthrough could significantly impact VET’s market price.

VeChain has announced a groundbreaking patent for its carbon trading technology, marking its 67th patent and solidifying its role as a blockchain innovation leader. According to blockchain expert Collin Brown, VeChain has achieved a significant milestone by securing a patent for its pioneering carbon trading technology.

This development, revealed in Collin’s recent tweet, marks VeChain’s 67th patent, reinforcing its position as a leader in blockchain innovation.


The VeChain Global Technology SARL’s patent introduces three main innovations as detailed in the Justia Patents Dockets:

  1. Innovative Method and System: The patent introduces a sophisticated method and system for carbon trading that includes acquiring and processing carbon behavior and identification data from transport devices. This data indicates the carbon consumption or emission reduction behavior of the devices.
  2. Smart Contract Utilization: The acquired data is converted into carbon emission reduction equivalents through the use of smart contracts. This element of the technology ensures that the data conversion is both accurate and adheres to predetermined criteria.
  3. Blockchain Integration: The carbon emission reduction equivalents are securely stored and managed on a blockchain platform. This integration not only guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data but also enhances the transparency and efficiency of the carbon trading process.

The patented technology offers a transformative approach to carbon trading. It leverages blockchain to ensure transparency and reliability, involving the collection of identification and carbon activity data from transportation devices.

This data is transformed into carbon emission reduction equivalents through smart contracts, then stored securely on a blockchain. This method not only guarantees the authenticity of the data but also significantly streamlines the carbon trading process.

Will VET Price Skyrocket?

As earlier predicted by CNF in the report VeChain’s Stellar 2024 Prospects,top analysts forecast VET to skyrocket to $1.14 by October. Currently, VeChain (VET) trades at $0.03032, with a decrease of 3.66% in the past day and 10.48% in the past week.

With the new patent potentially driving positive sentiment, there is an anticipation of a significant uptick in VET’s price. See price chart below.

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