New Discord Mindful Message! 06.11.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.11.24

Hoe Math’s “Levels Of Thinking” video references a guy name Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory throughout the video. So who is Ken Wilber? Some say he’s “the Einstein of consciousness” and his work is just as much of a game changer for the 21st century as Freud was for the 20th century in psychology. The reason people think so highly of his theory is his approach. It’s not a subjective theory of one person, but it integrates hundreds of well established and time tested theories in the field of consciousness, psychology, meditative traditions, philosophy, and sociology.

So his theory brings together the most number of individuals from each field and integrates it into a new, holistic, and rationally based model of reality. It’s the most inclusive, encompassing theory that is known of today.

The beauty in this theory and its approach Is it’s understanding that everyone sees and experiences the world differently. So even with levels of thinking, every person is going to experience each level differently.

Levels 1-6 (Tier 1) is where a majority of societies level of thinking resides. Some think at a higher level than others, because we all process things differently. Understanding and respecting each level allows us to have peace of mind when engaging with others, as well as ourselves when processing and growing thru each level.

Hoe Math illustrates an interaction from level 1-6. Keep in mind with each level the person in his illustration is taking a step back and looking at their actions at the previous level.

– Level 1 “needs”: There’s a girl getting validation from a guy.
– Level 2 “being liked”: This is the level of needing to relate to others.
– Level 3: At this level she can stand back and view the situation from the outside. Because she knows he likes her, she can now decide if she wants to get more validation by giving less.
– Level 4 “2nd person awareness”: At this level she asks herself if she is doing the right thing. This is the level when you start to ask yourself when is or is not ok.
– Level 5 “3rd person – independent thinking”: She thinks to herself, not really ok what she is doing, but is she going to do it anyway in this circumstance, because she think it would be better overall.
– Level 6 “individualist”: At this level, her thinking is “well who is anyone to judge my choices (at Level 5). My choices are right for me, so there isn’t really such a thing as right and wrong (Level 4).” For her it’s just “what works for me at Level 6”. that’s why they call level 6 be individualist.

The example of the girl’s interaction, moving from seeking validation to embracing individualism, highlights the practical application of these levels in real life. In the girl’s interactions above, she progresses through Ken Wilber’s 1-6 AQAL levels. At level 1, she seeks validation from a guy. At level 2, she wants to be liked and relates to others. By level 3, she observes the situation and controls the validation. At level 4, she questions the morality of her actions. At level 5, she weighs ethical implications but decides based on perceived greater good. Finally, at level 6, she embraces individualism, focusing on what works for her and rejecting external judgments.

There are about 8 levels reviewed in the YouTube video, today we started reviewing Tier 1, Levels 1-6. Most people do not go beyond Tier 1 level of thinking, they get to the individualist level and don’t grow beyond that. I don’t think this is a bad thing, it is what it is. I think that’s just the environment the world has created for us, and many are a product of their environment . All that’s important is how individuals understand and progress uniquely through these levels. Leveling up fosters empathy, self-awareness, and recognizing that everyone experiences and evolves through these levels differently.

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