New Discord Mindful Message! 06.10.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.10.24

Rise and Grind 👑 🙌🏾

That’s right 👑…. there’s levels to this ish!

Last week we discussed the energy of money, this week I want to review “Hoe Math”. Why Hoe Math? Because in order for the collective to get to a higher frequency we have to all understand there’s levels to this ish.

If none of that makes sense no worries, it will after watching the video reference for this week and sticking with me as we go thru levels of thinking.

So the video I came across is called “Hoe Math: Levels of Thinking”. I have no idea where the hoe Math comes in, but it caught my attention and his dry humor kept me engaged as he broke down the levels of thinking referencing the AQAL model. AQAL stands for “All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All States, All Types.

Overview of Hoe Math: Levels of Thinking YouTube

In the video he breaks down the concept of levels of thinking, awareness, and consciousness. Highlighting the importance of self-awareness and personal development. It discusses different stages of psychological development, cultural understanding, empathy, moral development in relationships, and perspectives on reality. It emphasizes the need to progress through these levels to navigate the complexities of the world effectively and make conscious choices in various situations. Ultimately, it suggests that self-awareness and introspection are key to personal growth and harmonious relationships with others.

High-level an example of the AQAL model:

The AQAL model is a way to understand everything in the world by looking at it from different perspectives. Because we all have our own experiences in life.

Imagine you and some friends are building a fort. The AQAL model is like a big blueprint for the fort.

– All Quadrants: The blueprint has different sections. One shows what’s inside the fort (your ideas and feelings), another shows the outside the fort walls, pillows (others ideas & feelings), a third shows how other forts like your friends’ ideas connect to yours (interconnectedness), and the last shows the rules everyone agrees on fort etiquette (common courtesy, morals, laws)
– All Levels: The blueprint also shows how your fort can get bigger and cooler over time, with more rooms and features. This is like how you keep learning and growing. By leveling up, and never becoming complacent
– All Lines: Just like the blueprint might have different sections for electricity, water pipes, and ventilation, AQAL considers different aspects of development, like how you think, feel, and maybe even your special talents.
– All States & All Types: Sometimes, you might be super focused while building (great concentration), and other times you might get silly with your friends (fun change of pace). The blueprint can account for these different moods and personalities.

So, the AQAL model is a way of understanding yourself, your friends, and the world around you in a super detailed way. These are the type of tools we will need to find inner peace. If we can grasp the concept that there are levels, quadrants, and types to everything. The more understanding we have, the less overwhelming it all is.

May we all find the tools and resources needed to establish balance when engaging with different energies. 🙏🏾

Video Reference: 

Here’s today’s Threads Web3 riddle. It references Ken Wilber’s AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels) model:

In the digital world where Web3 thrives, I track the growth of conscious lives. From early stages to advanced domains, I map the heights where wisdom reigns. Each level builds on what’s come before, In blockchain’s realm, I explore much more. From nodes to networks, my stages unfold, What am I, in this story told?

The answer to the riddle is:

 “the developmental levels of the AQAL model.” These levels chart the growth of consciousness and complexity, which can be applied to the evolving stages of Web3 technology, from simple nodes to complex networks.

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