New Discord Mindful Message! 06.07.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.07.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

I believe digital assets are future trends in wealth. Digital currencies and decentralized finance can be set to channel prosperity more directly, lowering costs and enabling seamless value exchange. As more accept the possibilities of what can be achieved and heal their emotional connection with the energy of money/wealth…philanthropy will expand, accelerating humanity’s evolution through conscience-driven financial flows.

We’ve learned about the principle of rhythm/flow. There is a spiritual alignment with financial flow. To fully understand and attract wealth, one must align with their purpose (“Personal Legend”). It may be hard to believe given the world’s current state, but abundance fuels humanity’s collective vibration. The abundance is meant to fund worthy causes that uplift the world. By channeling wealth energy toward spiritual evolution, individuals can become conscious stewards of prosperity.

But I get it, discussing money is often difficult due to cultural taboos, emotional baggage, and fear of judgment. It can also be difficult to talk about the energetic connection, if going thru a moment of lacking. But balance is needed in order to change a low frequency into a higher frequency, basically turn the energy of lacking into the energy of abundance, we have to heal the emotional connection with money.

When I went out into the world at 18 I lacked financial literacy and was unprepared for these conversations, and many of us differ opinions on money values. As well as power dynamics creating tension in relationships. Privacy concerns, social comparison, personal insecurities, and fear of conflict or change further complicate the alignment with money’s energy.

This week is about reflecting on the “Money is Energy” YouTube video, so how do we apply what’s in that video in real life?

Recognize Various Forms of Abundance:
– Understand that prosperity manifests in different forms: investments, IOUs, discounts, scholarships, crypto, and NFTs. Don’t limit abundance to physical representations; see it as an energetic current flowing through your life.

Practical Steps:
– Reprogram beliefs about wealth by seeing it as light and energy flowing from the cosmos.
– Clean up financial habits that don’t serve your highest values.
– Make purchases consciously, considering true needs versus fleeting wants.
– Dedicate portions of your income to expenses, savings, education, travel, investments, and charity.
– Express gratitude for the prosperity you have, raising your vibration to attract more.

Overall Mindset Shift:
– Focus on channeling wealth from a place of purpose, passion, and service rather than neediness.
– Open yourself to receiving abundance effortlessly by becoming a clear and open channel for financial energy.

Shift Perception of Wealth:
– View money as a form of positive energy rather than just paper bills or digital numbers.
– Recognize abundance as a divine flow and align with its higher vibrational nature.

Align with Infinite Financial Flow:
– Believe in the universe’s infinite abundance and release the notion of scarcity.
– Realign your perception to recognize the continuous financial flow around you.

Channel Abundance with Purpose:
– Align your work with passion and purpose to raise your vibration and attract wealth.
– See your contributions as valuable and focus on providing meaningful service to others.

Understand and Accept Cycles of Wealth:
– Recognize that wealth has cycles, similar to the seasons of life.
– Use down cycles for rest, reevaluation, and planning for future prosperous phases.

Spiritual Alignment and Financial Goals:
– Align with the divine purpose of abundance by funding causes that uplift humanity.
– Become a conscious steward of wealth, directing it towards enlightened purposes.
Adopt a Ceaseless Flow Perspective:
– View wealth as a continuous organic movement rather than fixed sums.
– Release attachment and fear, embracing the natural flow of financial energy.
Honor Abundance:
– Appreciate the miraculous ways wealth has elevated humanity and funded growth and discovery.
– Direct financial energy toward high-value, enlightened purposes.
Embracing a new mindset where wealth is seen as energy flowing for conscious evolution, liberates finances into effortless abundance. Aligning oneself and purpose can transform personal prosperity and contribute significantly to uplifting the collective. 
Because everything is energy, there is spiritual alignment necessary to harness true abundance of prosperity. May we each achieve that alignment/balance 🙏🏾

Visual Reference/Breakdown:

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