New Discord Mindful Message! 06.06.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.06.24

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“If You Cannot Control Your Emotions, You Cannot Control Your Money” – Warren Buffett

Yesterday we went through sayings that reflect various societal attitudes towards money. Then broke down the sayings perceived negative aspects and the complications it brings to us trying to establish an emotional balance with wealth.

So today let’s look further into how not having an emotional balance with money can negatively impact our emotions. Money/wealth can be a very touchy subject. We need it to survive, so for most it’s as simple as an unhealthy connection with money basically means being broke. And it’s deeper than that. Depending on how/where you grew up, you may not have a stable connection with the energy of money. For me the root of my connection with money was negative based on the beliefs I was raised with.

I’m putting in the work to break this cycle because an unhealthy emotional balance with the energy of money can create other issues energetically.

Negative Impacts of Lacking Emotional Balance With The Energy of Money:

Impulsive Spending:
– Emotional instability can result in impulsive spending, leading to debt and financial strain.
– Emotional decisions can hinder consistent saving, leaving one unprepared for emergencies.

Poor Financial Decisions:
– Emotional reactions can drive risky investments without proper research, causing financial losses.
– Fear or guilt can lead to procrastination or avoidance of important financial decisions.

Strained Relationships:
– Money issues can cause conflict in relationships, especially with differing financial habits.
– Emotional imbalances can create unhealthy financial dependencies.

Reduced Quality of Life:
– Emotional baggage related to money can prevent pursuing growth opportunities due to fear.
– Fear of spending can lead to an overly frugal lifestyle, depriving oneself of essential needs and enjoyable experiences.

Negative Self-Perception:
– Associating self-worth with financial success or failure can lead to low self-esteem.
– Past financial mistakes can create lingering feelings of guilt and shame.

Work-Life Imbalance:
– An unhealthy relationship with money can lead to overworking and personal sacrifices.
– Continuous financial stress can result in burnout and reduced well-being.

Inability to Enjoy Wealth:
– Excessive fear of losing money can prevent enjoyment of wealth and experiences.
– Hoarding money out of fear can lead to an unbalanced life, missing out on happiness and fulfillment.

Financial Stress and Anxiety:
– Excessive worry about money can lead to chronic stress and related health issues.
– Financial stress can cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

By developing a healthier emotional relationship with money, we can make better financial decisions, reduce stress, and improve our overall quality of life. Remember everything is energy. Tomorrow we look at actions we can take to heal this connection to create a healthier emotional relationship.

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