New Discord Mindful Message! 06.03.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 06.03.24

“Money Is Energy”

The flow of money is a universal law, mirroring the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm. As energy circulates, so does wealth, creating cycles of abundance for those attuned to its pulse.

We are early in global understanding, governance, and acceptance of Blockchain & WEB3. Like the Wild Wild West, this path can be lawless and unruly, & not for everyone. However, with the SEC approving ETFs for digital assets in the US, I see tides turning for Blockchain/Crypto pioneers. Which is one reason I feel the need to align my energy with the energy of money to foster a healthy relationship with it.

I use that term “pioneer” loosely for myself, since I’ve only been in the game since around 2020, Others have been in this world for decades. But I personally experienced the 2022 crypto crash, and I’m still here in the wild with you all. Ive witnessed many become discouraged, they are no longer able to continue. I don’t blame them, this world is not for the faint of heart. I’ll admit I lost a lot of trust in crypto, with losses from various cyber attacks, and the collapse of numerous projects. The WEB3 path was and is littered with traps of greed, Trolls, FOMO (fear of missing out), lack of patience, preparation, & research, as well as just bad investments.

Yet, I believe in the future of WEB3/Blockchain/Crypto. Even with the L’s, I’m still here making moves. I wear those scars like I do all the other scars I’ve gained from just moving thru life. And I believe for those of us still in the game the future can be prosperous.

We’ve spent a few weeks breaking down energy, frequency, vibrations, quantum mindsets, and the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm(flow). I not only want my path to be prosperous, I want that for each of us on this path. I want the seeds planted to be abundant. When I reap what I sow, it will be plentiful and infinite. For that, understanding the energy of money is needed.

“If You Want To Find The Secrets Of The Universe, Think Energy, Frequency, Vibration” – Nikola Tesla

I am realistic, this significant change will take time. But this is what separates us from the rest. We are either wild enough to still be in it after all the up’s & downs, or seen the many “crashes” and still decide to join the wild…either way both paths are a leap of faith into the world of Blockchain.

As I learn, my intentions is to share with the collective so we are all on the same frequency. Here are some things I hope to gain from reviewing and reflecting on the energy of money:

– How to maintain a balanced mindset and avoid the pitfalls of greed and FOMO.
– The importance of patience, preparation, and thorough research in making wise investments.
– Strategies for protecting myself from volatility and only investing what I can afford to lose.
– How to use newfound wealth wisely to generate lasting prosperity.
– How to foster a healthy relationship with money to ensure sustainable financial growth and well-being.

So what’s the energy of money? Here is the video we are reviewing and breaking down this week

Riddle: In the realm of Web3, I am money’s new guise, flowing like energy, where decentralization lies. Invest me wisely, and harmony you’ll see, What am I, in the blockchain spree?

Answer: CryptoCurrency

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