New Discord Mindful Message! 05.28.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 05.28.24

Rise & Grind 👑 🙌🏾

So Why Meditate?…Because stressing over stress won’t make it less stressful.

We discussed mediation with the 5th Paramitas (Perfection) last year. Buddhism explains Meditation as a gateway to wisdom and self discovery. We use it to help find “Samadhi” which is the silence in meditation. Samadhi is between the noises of the past and future. The silence is where we discover One-ness with ourselves and the universe around us. It’s how we connect.

Finding our Inner-Peace won’t come quick and easily, it’ll take time and practice. So be patient with yourself and the process. As we’ve discussed before you have to find what what’s best for you. There are different forms of mediation, don’t be afraid to try different forms of mediation, be open minded and try all of you can.

Even create your own moments of peace, whatever you need so you can feel calm and focused. For my son who has to constantly move… guided meditation in the shower work best. He’s in a central location with no choice but to focus on the guided meditation while in shower. We also do the same for when he’s calling it a night and going to bed. Here are 10 different types of mediation we can review:

1. Mindfulness Meditation: Focus on breath or sensations in the body, noticing thoughts and feelings without judging them.

2. Guided Meditation: Listen to a teacher or recording that guides through a relaxing scenario or series of steps to help focus and relax.

3. Loving-Kindness Meditation (Metta): Focus on sending feelings of love and kindness to yourself and others, starting with close loved ones and expanding to everyone in the world.

4. Body Scan Meditation: Slowly focus on different parts of the body, noticing any sensations and releasing tension as you go.

5. Transcendental Meditation: Repeat a specific word or phrase (mantra) silently to yourself to help settle your mind and reach a state of deep relaxation. (Similar to Chanting)

6. Movement Meditation: Engage in gentle, flowing movements, such as yoga or tai chi, while focusing on your breath and the sensations in your body.

7. Visualization Meditation: Picture a calming scene or imagine yourself achieving a goal, using your imagination to bring about feelings of peace and happiness.

8. Chanting Meditation: Repeat a word, phrase, or sound (like “Om”) out loud to help focus your mind and bring about a sense of peace. (Similar to Transcendental)

9. Breathing Meditation: Focus on your breathing, counting breaths or simply noticing the inhale and exhale to help calm your mind.

10. Walking Meditation: Walk slowly and mindfully, paying attention to the sensations of your feet touching the ground and your surroundings.

Each type of meditation offers unique benefits, so again try different ones. And if it’s possible try combining different types to create your own. At some point in my journey I’ve mixed all of them. I’ll do Breathing along with walking or Breathing with Body Scan. My primary goal is making time where I can clear/declutter my mind.

May you find moments of peace throughout your day. 🙏🏾

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