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‘Chance is but a name for law not recognized’ – Kybalion

So in the book it talks about how “chance” is not recognized in this principle. So what is the difference between “chance” and the principle of cause and effect?

Chance refers to events or outcomes that occur without any apparent cause or reason. It suggests randomness or unpredictability. Where occurrences happen by luck or coincidence rather than through deliberate actions. Basically, chance implies that some events occur without any underlying cause, leaving it to probability.

The principle of cause and effect, is saying everything happens for a reason. (This theory has taken me decades to process with all the obstacles I’ve had to overcome on my journey, so don’t worry if your still trying to process this). For this principle every action has a corresponding reaction or consequence. It saying nothing happens by chance or without a cause.

According to this principle, all events & outcomes are the result of preceding causes, which set in motion a chain of effects. In other words, every effect can be traced back to a specific cause or series of causes, creating a continuous and interconnected web of causality.

Here’s an example of the difference between “chance” and the principle of cause and effect:

Imagine scattering seeds randomly in a field without any planning or consideration. Some seeds might land in fertile soil, while others may end up on rocky ground or in shaded areas. The growth of these seeds would be subject to chance – factors like weather conditions, soil quality, and other environmental variables would determine whether they sprout and flourish. The outcome is uncertain and largely dependent on luck or randomness. (Chance)

Now, let’s plant those seeds with a deliberate approach to planting seeds. Now with our intentions set, we carefully prepare the soil, ensuring it’s nutrient-rich and prepared for seeds. Place each seeds at the optimal depth and spacing, water them regularly, and provide adequate sunlight. In this scenario, the cause (proper preparation and care) directly influences the effect (healthy plant growth). By taking deliberate actions and creating favorable conditions, we increase the likelihood of a successful outcome – in this case, bountiful harvests of crops.

While chance does happen in life. We can walk outside and find a $5 bill. But we can’t depend on that chance to ensure we have money every day. Chance involves unpredictable outcomes influenced by random factors. The principle of cause and effect emphasizes the role of deliberate actions and conditions in producing specific results.

By understanding and applying this principle, we can exert more control over outcomes and increase the likelihood of desired results. 🙏🏾

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