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“In the symphony of the universe, rhythm orchestrates the harmonious flow of change and transformation.”

How does the Rhythm Principle align with the previous 4 Hermetic Principles?

The alignment comes by emphasizing harmonious nature of the universe. Just as mentalism, correspondence, vibration, and polarity describe the fundamental aspects of creation and existence, rhythm illustrates how these aspects unfold in a rhythmic pattern of cycles and fluctuations.

1. Mentalism: Rhythm reflects the mental aspect of the universe by showcasing how thoughts and intentions manifest in rhythmic patterns of growth, change, and transformation.

2. Correspondence: Rhythm demonstrates the correspondence between the microcosm and the macrocosm, as the cycles observed in nature mirror the larger cycles of the cosmos.

3. Vibration: Rhythm embodies the vibrational nature of existence, as everything vibrates and oscillates in rhythmic patterns, from the smallest particles to the grandest celestial bodies.

4. Polarity: Rhythm encompasses the principle of polarity by illustrating how the ebb and flow of rhythms create cycles of expansion and contraction, light and dark, growth and decay.

In essence, rhythm serves as the symphony that harmonizes the interplay of the first four principles, guiding the perpetual dance of creation and evolution in the universe.

For me it all comes back to harmony. If we can each achieve that frequency and inspire others to be on the same vibe, our world would be so much brighter than what we see today. As challenging as it maybe, given the times we live in, do what you must to find your peace. To maintain harmony in your life. Go back and review each principle, I encourage you to go on YT and go down a rabbit hole of principles and universal laws. Find something that inspires you in a positive way and embrace it.

May the day be harmonious for each of us 🙏🏾

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