New Discord Mindful Message! 04.22.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 04.22.24

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Nothing Rests; Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates. – The Kybalion

The 3rd Principal is the Principle of Vibration. It’s the idea that everything is in a state of constant motion and vibration. Which makes sense, look at Atoms. Atoms are within everything that exists, and are constantly moving due to thermal energy. Meaning even things that appear solid, are actually in motion at a molecular level. Principle of Vibration teaches that by understanding and controlling our vibrations, we can bring about positive change in our lives.

Vibration has 3 characteristics in science:

Frequency – How fast it can travel
Amplitude – How far a vibration can travel
Acceleration- The speed at which it travels

These characteristics describe the back and forth motion of the atoms that form all matter, physical and metaphysical.

What does this have to do with emotions and mental health?

Emotions and thoughts carry a distinct vibration. For example emotions/thoughts of unconditional love vibrate the highest. Thoughts/emotions of hate are more dense and vibrate at the lowest.

Here is a cool Visual aid on how new research shows our cells resonate with vibrational frequencies (you can also Google the science cymatics). The video also explores techniques to improve our vibrations.


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