New Discord Mindful Message! 04.17.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 04.17.24

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“That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.”

An example of the law of correspondence in action can be observed in the fractal patterns found in nature and space. Fractals are complex geometric shapes that repeat infinitely at varying scales, exhibiting self-similarity across different levels of magnification. 

For instance, look at the images  attached to this post. The branching patterns of trees mirror the structure of the human lungs. Similarly, the spiraling form of a hurricaneechoes the shape of seashells and galaxies 

These examples illustrate how the same underlying principles of growth, expansion, and organization manifest across different levels of scale in nature. The fractal patterns observed in the human body, trees, galaxies, and other natural phenomena reflect the interconnectedness and unity of the universe, echoing the principle of correspondence.

It highlights the inherent harmony and order present in all aspects of creation, from the smallest microcosm to the grandest macrocosm, emphasizing the interconnectedness and unity of all things.

Everything – all of the planes of existence – are connected and in correspondence.  The macrocosm is found in the microcosm and vice versa – solar systems, societies and life on Earth reflects the same thing on the cellular and atomic level. Creation, nature seem to mimic a pattern building: the roots of a tree and the anatomy of the lungs, the brain and the walnut, the Nebula and the eye.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. “As Above, So Below”


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