New Discord Mindful Message! 04.16.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 04.16.24

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“As within, so without”

The Law of Correspondence is a universal law that states, what happens inside your mind is reflected on the outside. It’s also known as the fourth law of manifestation. This principle suggests that our external reality often reflects our internal state of being, including our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Here’s an example:

Consider a person who harbors feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. In their external environment, they may find themselves in a situation where they consistently encounter situations that reinforce these negative beliefs, such as facing criticism or experiencing setbacks in their endeavors. Or any normal corrective criticism like there were grammar errors in the email published can feel like validation in their internal negative beliefs. They now feel inadequate and incapable of send ing future emails. And will stress at the thought of even having to draft an communication email. This person may struggle to release the negative internal feelings, because any criticism or set back they face in life (which we all do) feels 10x worse because from their perspective the world agrees and is confirming their doubts are reality.And the stressing and self-doubt the speak over themselves will increase the chances of making another mistake else where. Keeping them in that negative cycle.

Conversely, an individual who cultivates a mindset of confidence and optimism may get the same criticism, instead doesn’t see it as a validation of anything. It’s just a way for them to improve and get better than they already are. They may even be anxious to get instructions to publish the next communication email, so they can show what they’ve learned since the last. This individual may attract opportunities and experiences that affirm their positive self-perception.

Both are presented with the same corrective criticism, but how they speak over & view themselves influences the outcome. By aligning our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with our desired outcomes, we can consciously shape our experiences and manifest a reality that reflects our innermost desires and aspirations.

“Begin to understand you are not separate from the universe, but an integral part of it”

It’s crazy, as of yesterday morning I hadn’t found any visual references of the 2nd principal that I resonated with. I wanted something to break it down in a different way, so I could have a better innerstanding. Then last night while watching a channel I subscribed to, break down the spiritual perspective to fasting, they mentioned Hermes Trismegistus. And for some reason out of all the videos Ive seen from this channel this was the 1st time it occurred to me, they aligned with Hermetic teachings. I just thought the videos all made sense.

So the video is titled “Gods and Humans are the same” and to me that meant “As a above, so below”. It talked about the path of the Spiritual Warrior (us). It reviewed not only the scientific connection to the spiritual alchemy behind this principle. The video reminded me this path requires us to confront the shadow within, and to face the fears and doubt that have kept us in the delusion of separation. It aligns perfectly with what I described yesterday as challenges with Principles of Mentalism.

We have to let go of the limiting beliefs that have defined us, in order to innerstand, We are one with the universe. The cosmos are within our very DNA. I remember growing up in the Baptist Church hearing we were created in his image. But it took 2+ decades for me to understand the light that I seek from above is the same light I’m fostering within.

As above so below, may we each truly understand the power we have within, and remember we are not alone🙏🏾

“Gods and Humans are the same”

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