New Discord Mindful Message! 04.15.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 04.15.24

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” Your external or physical world is a reflection of your inner world”

Before jumping into the 2nd principal, I want to acknowledge that I understand the first principle isn’t an easy one to come to terms with. It’s taken me years to come to some form of understanding, and even now I have moments. It’s a very controversial principle because accepting the Principle Of Mentalism, requires one to take ownership of all that is transferring in their lives both good and bad.

But why is it so challenging to be the creator?

Personal responsibility, makes us feel uncomfortable. If I accept the idea I am the creator, then I have to take responsibility for the negative in my life. How is that fair? I’ve had some crappy/toxic events in my life, how could I have created that, especially when I was to young to do for myself. Taking personal responsibility for the situations in life, requires us to confront our beliefs, habits, and past experiences that may have contributed to our current circumstances. Society doesn’t make it easier. Societal conditioning and external influences can reinforce the idea of being a victim of circumstance rather than an active participant.

Life is suffering. There are those just entering this world who suffer more than most, before they can even fend for themselves. I haven’t begun to understand that, so won’t act like I have. I’ve heard different theories, but one recently resonated a little. I watched this podcast with Joe Dispenza and he said, what if some of the negative that happens in life is by default. Because we haven’t realized or understand the power behind the creator. The truth is by not creating and taking ownership of our life, we risk being a product of our environment both good or bad.

So if we don’t create, then we leave our fate to the randomness of reality. Also something to think through, What if by not creating, someone else’s negative karmic lesson, is strong enough to pull us into their karmic cycle. As we’ve discussed before it can be hard to find light in dark moments when surrounded by negative energy. & From my own personal experiences, the longer you stay in a specific energy the more you attract that energy, and the harder it is to change when needed.

Grasping all 7 principles is not an easy task, however embracing we are the creator and all is one, is how we get our power back. It will require a shift in mindset and a willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.

The 2nd Hermetic principle helps with understanding of the 1st. Think of this principle as the principal of connections, it highlights the interconnectedness and unity of the universe. Basically “…your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. Your outer world corresponds to your inner world.” Meaning the relationships we have outside of self, corresponds to how we feel about ourself.

Google suggests the principal of correspondence explains how patterns and structures in the macrocosm (the universe) are reflected in the microcosm (individuals) and vice versa. It implies that the laws governing the cosmos also operate within us, guiding our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

By understanding this principle, we gain insight into the underlying order and harmony of the universe, enabling us to recognize the interconnectedness of all things and our role within the grand cosmic scheme. This Ive struggled a little with understanding, or finding anything to help me understand it better. So I’m excited to see what the week brings. May we all have an understanding of our connection with the universe 🙏🏾

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