New Discord Mindful Message! 03.06.24

New Discord Mindful Message! 03.06.24

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative”.

Because Energy is in everything, it is contagious. If your around negative – low frequency energy, it can pull you down to match that frequency. The same for positive – high frequency energy. That’s why when your in a positive space, surrounded by positive people for an extended period of time you can physically and emotionally feel it. Just as it’s contagious, Energy is also a magnet, and can attract similar energy. That’s why having a positive mindset is very important on this path. Our intentions is to invite and attract similar energy.

There’s a scientific principle that supports the law of attraction, Constructive Interference.

Constructive Interference occurs when two waves of the same frequency collide while moving in the same direction. This produces a wave with a larger amplitude, which is the height of a wave’s crest or trough.

Basically if 2 similar energies meet on on the same path, their frequency doubles and the vibe created amplifies. According to the law of attraction, when two wavelengths of equal length meet, their frequency doubles, resulting in a wave of greater amplitude.

This is why having a positive mindset and being mindful of how we speak over ourselves is critical to be successful on this path. Because if you have low vibrational tendencies, and you cross paths with another low vibrational energy, you will amplify that vibration in your life. This is how we find ourselves in those moments of “Dark Night of The Soul”, it makes it harder to break out of harmful cycles. And it’s more challenging to get yourself to a higher frequency.

I said more challenging, not impossible. You can create the energy, frequency, vibration you desire.
According to the law of attraction, by cultivating positive thoughts, fostering a clear mindset, and radiating high-frequency energy, you can effortlessly draw abundance and joy into your life.

Here is a video I found on Constructive Interference: –

As well as a cool visual aid to represent how same frequencies are impactful: –

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