New Discord Mindful Message!02.12.24

New Discord Mindful Message!02.12.24

Rise & Grind 👑🙌🏾

“In the dance of dragons, embrace the energy that transforms challenges into triumphs and wisdom into strength. May this year’s journey be as resplendent as the dragon’s flight.”

Part of my healing journey is finding honoring our ancestors and I do so by learning about ancient cultures and belief systems. The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is estimated to be around 3,500 years old. And this year we welcome the Chinese Year of the Dragon, envision a year filled with evolution, improvement, and abundance. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, the dragon symbolizes power, strength, and vigor. We will rise and soar into this wood dragon year.

For the year of the dragon, it’s said to be mindful of self-sabotaging behaviors. Because the Dragon is afflicted with the “Double Dragon Penalty,” which can cause “self-doubts and self-defeating thoughts and actions” as a result. But we’ve been preparing for moments of doubt the last couple of weeks.

However, the the year of the Dragon, we’ll have the power to turn our life around for the better if we stay positive and believe in ourselves. 2024, infused with the nourishing Wood element (2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon), offers a canvas for rejuvenated beginnings and the foundation for long-term success.

Dragons, like phoenix, understands the transformative power within. Embrace the dragon’s spirit as you navigate this year with determination, idealism, and independence. The dragon’s fiery essence aligns with the phoenix’s renewal, reminding us that in the face of challenges, we have the power to evolve and emerge victorious.

In essence, while the phoenix and dragon share fire symbolism, each mythical creature brings unique qualities and perspectives to the powerful element, enriching the cultural and spiritual tapestry they inhabit.

May the Year of the Wood Dragon be a chapter of growth, success, and soaring heights. 💚✨🙏🏾

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